IF Comp 2015 (voting is done)


Now that voting has closed for the 2015 IF Comp, I can talk about the other entrants…


I really loved:’

Birdland by Brandan Patrick Hennessy

Very very funny, well-written, and clever.

Brain Guzzlers from Beyond by Steph Cherrywell

Ditto, but parser.

Cape by Bruno Dias

A gritty superhero origin tale.

Laid off from the Synesthesia Factory by Katherine Morayati

Parser, but the user-friendly kind that always gives you something to read. Gorgeous writing.

Ether by Mathbrush

A fantastic parser game in its own right, but also super friendly to those who are just dumb at parser. All about a world-making nautilus.

Scarlet Sails by me

A CS pirate romp (soon to be massively rewritten for CoG/HG)

Go play!

Five minutes until the results begin to be announced at https://twitter.com/ifcomp


Congrats on getting 7th place!


Huh I think I played birdland about a week ago (the story with Bridget as MC)

Edit: and after reading past that I realised I also played cape (awesome story (kinda weird))

Edit 2: in scarlet sails can you finish without dying


I liked the Cape a lot. Mostly because I liked the engine they used.


@Felicity_Banks, 7th place is awesome! Well done, my arch-nemesis!

And great…now there’s even more (probably awesome) stuff to read. So much reading, so little time.


And I can go back to Fallout 4.


@SheaMcD Yes, but it’s unusual on the first go :smiley:

I’m thrilled to be in the top ten! Especially with such great company. Every game was interesting, and the author forum rocked.


Pluggety plug:

If you liked Scarlet Sails you’ll probably like Attack of the Clockwork Army. No pirates in Clockwork Army, but in my opinion it’s a better game (and Emily Short agrees). Also it’s steampunk, so there are still awesome outfits and ill-advised swordfights to enjoy.

And now I’m off to massively improve Scarlet Sails!