I, the Forgotten One Release Thread (1.2)

I really loved the game! The setting and premise really enticed me. The POV switches were a wonderful and unqiue addition (AFAIK; I cannot promise omniscience), and the characters were interesting as well. They felt like actual people stuck in their dreadful situations. The only critique I have is of the Krorid accent - reading it was genuinely cringeworthy at times. It felt like reading a phonetic transcription of Dick van Dyke in Mary Poppins.


Hmm i dont recall such a issue myself, but having that description you provided us had me lmao.

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I imagine it’s not really a problem to those unfamiliar with actual british accents, but to me it sounds like someone vaguely heard about cockneys, thought Mary Poppins was a documentary, and then just added it without a second thought. The associations one has with the vocabulary/implied accent don’t really help the suspension of disbelief either (à la ‘Why do mediaeval jungle people talk like a caricature of the 19th century London working class?’)

Perhaps I let it bother me overmuch, but it is such an unpleasant addition to what is otherwise a great game.

I’d like an option for the MC to drop it given they would have spoken however posh people in their society talk up until their late teens and should be able to start doing so again without too much issue. Especially if they are a claimant to the throne now, I think it would make sense for them to drop what must have originally been an affectation.


Im not sure i agree they were seven when they were disowned and more no more posh society and lifestyle after that. After they spent there time being educated still sure but also a significant stretch being trained and taught by cadarn who is from korid and more over is a knight / soldier which mean hanging around other soldiers. Which when the war started they spent years amongst those people in a crucial time of development. After which they spent five years doing whatever sobek wanted of them away from the fringes of high society for a good portion of it.

So i think its reasonable that it can still be apart of there vocabulary and way of speaking.


Yes, for at least 15 years in that area, it would be difficult not to use their language. If you dont know Mandarin, after 15 years surrounded by all mandarin, you will know some words at least. Associating words to things and such.

Language quirks in areas will also get applied.

15 years and Trauma is added to.

Big thing is Trauma not just from The War, but parentage, parents, the abuse thrust onto the Marshal. Remember the cutting fingers off on a 7 year old is even greater than might think.

Plus the world doesnt seem to like the idea of two women together, more pressure there. Uncertain of mlm as not tried, but pretty sure it has its stress added.


Where did you get 15 years from? It’s only three

7 is the start of things and you begin ITFO 5 years after war.

3 years yes, but I was starting at age 7. Thats your first day of training and trauma.

But you only get sent down south at 15, the first eight years is still at home, just training and learning

At 7, you get to training with the knight. At 7 you had your fingers cut, watched your real mother die, your ‘mom’ and dad disown you. The only person to respect you, speaks one way.

The trauma starts then not as a teen going to war.