I need help with guns How they work?

I know the question sounds weird to many of you. That have possessed weapons of your life. However, I am Spanish I have never been closer to a weapon except once i saw a old hunter shotgun that didn’t work. So now I have to create a gun shopping and weapons to player to buy and I have zero idea. If this where a game in our world I could have hust copy paste data of real weapons. But this is a fantastic reality with magic even if technology are in similar state Still I doubt they use powder and metal ammo.

so far i have ACCURACY SPREAD AND DISTANCE as stats in guns well appart of a catagory about ammo if affects vampires werewolves etc… What more you need? I mean I think i will let buy about ten or so weapons to player and capture several special

How much ammo can be in the gun at a time, maybe? How many shots before you need to reload…


lol I don’t think ethnicity has anything to do with ‘liking’ or ‘Owning’ a gun . I’ve seen a few , 2 to be exact . and one was locked away…so I had to imagine it :stuck_out_tongue:

well I aint expert in guns , and like sword and such more :stuck_out_tongue:

but my advice is if you are gonna give a certain number of X . divide that number by their categori . Like small guns , medium guns and big heavy guns .

small caliber gun or called hand guns . can go in a purse .

medium would be something like an Uzi ?

and heavy gun…well for me heavy would be a shot gun . its heavy and recoil and stuff .

you seem to have the stats covered , how about expertise with X weapons though ?

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I think it’s a question of legality.

well in canada , they dont have ‘store’ like in the US , but peoples still (some) own a gun and a licence . but its more strict here then over there .

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In spain you have to make lot of of exams to even be near one no shops no even notmal police have them so yeah country has lot to do to see weapons.

I am writing a spicy open world focussed in romance even if you can use weapons in jobs and combat with magical creatures is not the focus of the game. That is more focused in sexy outfitsaandn go to bed.

You are a vampire so no recoil will affect you

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If weapons/combat aren’t the main focus, I don’t think you need to worry that much about various gun stats. Maybe just have one option per “category” (pistol/shotgun/sniper rifle/etc), with sparse details on range/accuracy, size/ability to conceal, and shots per round per that class


If you do want to get into it though, looking at gun stats/attributes in a game like Mass Effect might be helpful?

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I second that . You don’t need to be an ‘expert’ really , especially if they aren’t the center of the story or used heavily .

It really depends on what kind of narrative they exist within, but some other things to consider would be reload speed, DPS, and ammo type (will you have different kinds?).

I also think “range” is a more standard word than “distance” when talking about firearms

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yeah even some games like say shadowrun doesn’t complicate it , and you are shooting your way from beginning to end .

mass effect

The thing is game is designed in a realistic way that there are much more things that you could legally afford And you are broke about being evicted by a corrupt Mayor and a landlord.

What you do to get the money is the main plot and many are illegal so guns and have many options are part of game design. See lots of things you can’t buy as a broke 19 years old new vampire and use your stats to get money fame or not and only focus in flirt and romance ànd end brokeliving with your romantic choice choices.

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the masquarade! the masquarade! :smirk:

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Chapter 3 name VAMPIRE THE MASQUERADE no evenjoking lol.


You said you are making a game with magic, right?
And vampires?
Ok cool, why not have a magic gun that shoots blood bullets?

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That’s a magic power discipline. You shoot the blood inside one target that explodes creating the effects of a bomb surrounding them . So I don’t want a weapon that be same as magic due blood magic expend blood. And blood is key to game as you could die if reach zero.

But I could make something similar for use by necromancers

Okay. Is the point of having a bunch of options realism (there are a fuckton of guns on the market), because there will be a real and meaningful gameplay effect (if I choose pistol A, I’ll be able to kill this dude, but pistol G has poor accuracy so I’ll miss), or just for the sake of having options/customization?

If the reason is 1 or 3, I’d still suggest breaking it up into categories and having one (or maybe two) choices from each (with some flavor text about “so many options, but this seems like a good choice for this class”). Then you can get into customization if you want with ammo types, scopes, barrel mods, clip mods etc.

Edit: If the reason is 2, that seems like it could be…overly-complicated? when combat isn’t a main focus of the game


Difficult to explain There are guns that will be only to look sexy working as model or like Heel in wrestling. However some weapons will need to kill several monsters like you need a silver crossbow to kill certain werebears You need that type of weapon or use million of magic

sexy you say ? I’m voting for desert eagle!


that movie with ya know who…ruined me for life lol



I love that gun is sexy … I have designed one for my character that is silver and with black svarosky cristals I call her Black kitty. Maybe i make them in the game as easter egg lol

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