I need help finding a story!

Hi! I need help finding a story that I reed a while ago. I don’t remember the name of the story, but I remember what it is about.

It’s about 4 quadruplets who’s parents are gang leaders. The quadruplets are trained and the were homeschooled, but the just started a real school. The quadruplets is 2 boys and 2 girls. One of the boys and one of the girls are gay and the other two are tough and the girl doesn’t care about other oeiple except her family. The 2 popular boys of the school makes a bet about who can get into the girls pants fastest. I don’t remember how but the tough girl says to the popular boys to look up a gang “don’t remember the name” and then the boys says that they are also in a gang.
I don’t remember anything more. But please help me, I’m dying to read the story again!!


Umm is it a wip/game on this site or a book?

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Jesus, after this intro I want this game too :blush: