Female humor

Work on my game has been slow, but still it is crawling forward. I am at a section in the story where several females head to the restroom. I am looking for a joke or funny story from the female perspective. This is an easter egg so if you would pm your reply. Thanks for any help.

Sorry but i only know funny jokes:l

I know lots of male humor. :slight_smile: But these woman have only met a few hours ago so not sure how fast woman working together in close conditions would be willing to share blue humor.

*edit or a personal funny story.

lord I’m a woman an yes that happen I was joining high school and first day already a group of girls want go with me to bathroom. No kidding is really a girl mystery boys always thing something weird happn and nope, only girls make up talking about boys and gossip, there is no magic there.

Edit: jokes nope none simply one day to friends traped in same stall smoking in the school but that’s not funny

Lol thanks @MaraJade. Then I am able to move on with the story. :slight_smile:

My mother’s a great fan of toilet humour. Anything scatological and she’ll laugh. I tried to persuade my sister to buy her a book on Poops, Pees and Farts for her birthday instead of Game of Thrones, but my sister was having none of it.

The problem is it can come across as extremely juvenile.

Anyway I’m afraid I can’t help you, apart from that anecdote. The only thing I can think of is the skirt tucked into tights/underwear. That happens? Nope, I’ve got nothing. I don’t have a clue about bathroom humour, or blue humour, or humour at all for that matter.

Lol @FairyGodfeather That is funny. Always love your imput. I put a lot of thought into this, probably to much thought considering it is only a three second piece.I think it will work very well. Of course, unless the one condition is met no one will probably see it. Lol

Yep, sounds like you’re overthinking it. :slight_smile: