I need help coming up with a name?


Yeah, I’m just asking around because I’m having trouble coming up with a name. I’m writing a new story, and part of it has to do with being part of a social video sharing site in an apocalyptic zone. I was gonna use the good old youtube, but I’m just not completely sold on it.

If you had a video sharing site, what would you name it?


I would name it: Yuvyu


Vidshare. com
(Capstions required)


If we’re doing generic video-sharing:



If we’re doing apocalypse puns:




How about …U238-tube.




If it’s a funny story, Metoobe (I used this in mine but don’t mind sharing). If it’s more serious, LifeClips or Slice of Life. Maybe Videoverall.


How about …Tardi-tube?


boobtube …:tv: :video_camera:

Edit: If you really want it thematic: z-tv short for zombie tv.


Apocalips - ‘fresh perspectives from the hereafter’

Vaultcams - ‘banned in 52 states’

Topia - ‘every nuclear cloud has a silver nitrate lining’

You’ve Been Nuked


StillTwitching is a really good one!


FaceTube :stuck_out_tongue:

TubeYourself (!?) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

HibbiBibbi (…uh?) :grimacing:



Deadflix - available for $9.99 a month


YouShare . com

VidHut . com

Viewhub . com

CristalBall . com?

…Okay, the quality of my suggestions are starting to get dangerously low. Time to stop lol


Thank you all for all your help. My favorites so far in no particular order are:



Vaultcams - ‘banned in 52 states’

Deadflix - available for $9.99 a month


Right now, I’m leaning towards either Deadflix or Vaultcams.

This I like as usernames I don’t know why:






So in case you haven’t noticed, other than the obvious reason, if you read 9.99 upside down, you get the idea

If you do choose Deadflix though, can I get a cameo? :grin:

Nothing big, just make me the generic Asian that never seems to die and show up every so often… or nothing at all, I just want something to add to my experience whenever you intend to finish the game anyway but if you feel like that compromises the story then feel free to disregard this


I would name it Vload


Vload the im-pay per view service?