Naming a fake nation

I need help coming up with names for my nations. I need 4 names.

Please specify, are they geared towards a certain culture? Are they warlike peaceful etc. what’s the governments like? Empire, republic or theocracy etc etc etc lol

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three of the nations are a Republic-like nations.
Nation 1: is warlike nation that likes to help other nations when needed aid.
Nation 2: is a more modern like nation. Doesn’t like war.
Nation 3: is also a warlike nation like number 1, but likes to keep to them selves.
Nation 4: is a small nation under the protection of nation 2 and 3. This nation is a really mixed culture. Used to be part of 2 and 3

  1. Gundavia
  2. Armaduria
  3. Kluizenaaria
  4. Misturaria
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I like the first one

But I’m looking for simple names for the other ones.

Just take a few letters off the end, should be fine :wink:

Yeah I was thinking about that, but it didn’t feel right to me, sorry.

  1. Armos
  2. Hermos
  3. Minarvia
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  1. The Nation
  2. The Peacekeeper
  3. The Empire
  4. The Ascension

The idea is right but it’s not what I’m looking for

I’m not sure how deep you have gone or plan on going into world-building but many country’s names irl are the way they are because of past/history, their culture, or both.

Some examples are north and South Korea, having their names because of their past (or at least the cardinal direction part). England is named because of the name given to the first colonizers, the anglos.

Well, I’m happy, got one out of 4 :smiley:
You all do the other 3 :wink:

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One idea could be to have the two militaristic countries have a history of being a United country but had a civil war and split because of their extremely different views?

They could then go with a north/south sort of deal or they could have just made a totally different name (like the confederate states of America did)

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Yes! That’s a really good idea. Like American and the confederate States.

I hope these helps :slight_smile: If not, the site has other really cool name generators that you can use :slight_smile:

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Yes I tried that but the names they gave me were too long and weird. Thanks tho.

You could always try using my random name generator.
You can pick how many letters long you want the name to be, from 3 letters to 10.
What you would do is copy that code, put it in a text file, then run it via choicescript.

I don’t want to use a name generator. Sorry.

  1. North Genville
  2. South Genville
  3. Froyton
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