Naming things in my game (poll)



I have been working on a game for some time (and still working on it) that is set in a roman empire like world. Meaning that there is quite a bit of research etc in it. Still, since it’s about you joining a legion and it’s possible to do so as a male or female character I have had to take certain liberties. As such the empire is just the empire instead of the Roman empire, it’s the capital is just referred to as the capital, all characters and their history is made up etc.

However, at the moment there are two things that are kinda hard. One: although it is a game you have to read, a global map should help everyone get a better picture so I think of adding one as a page in the stats. Should I use a real map of Europe or make one up?

Secondly, there were a very large number of tribes / clans etc…
Arverni, Atrebates, Aduatuci, Bituriges, Caletes, Eburones, Helvetii, Menapii, Morini, Nervii, Sotiates, Suessiones, Veliocasses, Veneti, Viromandui. Don’t worry, there are more. These are just some of the ones in Gaul.

Coming up with reasonable names for made up tribes is annoying, since all I come up with just sounds stupid. So I could just us just use the real names and have them use the fightingstyles that would have used. What do you think?

At the moment my personally opinion goes to making a map, since it will give me more freedom in making up the story. Having said that, it will have the general outline of Europe, mountains, rivers, tribes wise.

But please let me know what you think, either through comments or the poll.

  • Use real tribe names and use map of Europe
  • Make up tribe names and use map of Europe
  • Use real names but make a map
  • Make up names and the map.

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Also, I made a poll :grinning:


Pretty cool story idea indeed(I also really like the poll I think it should be used a lot more), but I was thinking maybe you should make your own map but construct it to where it kind of resembles Europe.

Also if you do use real names I would be sure that you get the history of the certain tribes correct because it looks like it could get confusing, but anyhow I like the idea of a Roman Empire based game.

-p.s. I would recommend watching the Eagle sort of as inspiration :smile:


@RyseAbove, thanks for your reaction (and my thanks to all the others out there who voted). So at the moment three out of four for making a map on my own. Well, why not =)

I am still planning on making it somewhat like europe, you know, give the empire a nice mountainrange to hid behind, the germans behind a river to separate them from the Gauls. Names might still chance since it’s fourteen for using real names against fifteen for making them up. Also, if you think you know any good names for a tribe feel free to mention it below. Examples of real tribe names are in the original post.

As to the Eagle, didn’t watch that one so I will check it out later. I did watch Rome and finished the eagle series from Simon Scarrow and Legionary: The Roman Soldier’s (Unofficial) Manual from Philip Matyszak (very nice writingstyle). Besides that a bunch of historybook and lots and lots of internet. Currently rereading Ceasar in Gaul.

Anyway, will leave the poll open for one more day and will look at the results. If I finish a map I will post it here so you can all criticize it, should be fun.


Poll closed =) at least the outcome is pretty clear. Once again my thanks for everyone who voted. Now trying to learn the best way to use Campaign Cartographer 3. (if you know other good programs let me know)