Name for a fake Country

Can anyone think of a good name for some fake countries that are going to be in my game. Here is a description of the nations:
Nation 1: A wealthy and prosperous nation at war with Nation 2. It is also a monarachy with a large class of nobles.
Nation 2: A militaristic nation, where freedom is a taboo word and at war with Nation 1.
Nation 3: An island away from both Nation 1 and 2, where people who don’t want to fight in the Great War can live.
Nation 4: The Player’s home country. A poor nation full of peasants and ruled by a few elite foreigners.

I will also need names for some minors. Thank you in advance for any name ideas.

EDIT: I also will need names for some cities, so if you could suggest some, I would appreciate it.

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Im horrible with names i know it :smiley:

@Marajade You aren’t horrible with names. Ramul sounds like a great country name. The rest would make good names for some cities that I have in mind.

  1. Roquefort or Richelieu or Rexland
  2. Rejkistan
  3. Bastion Island - The Isle of Bastion
  4. Grovella or Serfdonia

Nation 3: Prosperta
Nation 1: South Margola
Nation 2: North Margola
Nation 4: Oligarth
Just some that i thought of, there is reasoning to each

@AKNel1 I like the name The Isle of Bastion and Grovella. I will definitely use those.

@WiReDcHiMpAnZeE I like the idea of a North and South Margola. That will go nicely with both nation’s origins.

Nation 1 Capitol: Cona
Nation 2 Capitol: Rubia
Nation 4 Capitol: Pheus
Nation 3 Cities: New Cona, New Rubia, New Pheus

Still they all have meanings that go with countries descriptions

Please not use cona its a form in spanish to name sexual female organ

… ok then thats awkward

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Rubia is blonde in spanish

Why is all my things a word in spanish that is so random???


Maybe you was spanish in another life


Lol. Awkard moment. I’ll just go ahead and make sure that Pheus isn’t spanish for something else inappropriate.

EDIT: There is a game called Pheus and Mor. It is a puzzle game.


… ok then… i wouldve been french or irish if anything, and my religion doesnt beleive in rebirth

Oh and i did all through mind i didnt check to see if anything was an actual word or jame in a different language i just altered spellings of countries and words in english…

Pheus not but sounds same than feo= ugly

Well except for margola i made that ine up completely

Thank you to everyone who suggested a name. I still need names, so if you think you have a good name, or even if you think you have a bad name, please post. :slight_smile:

If you’re really interested in building a full language and developing languages to their fullest potential in a fantasy setting, I’d recommend picking up Holly Lisle’s Create A Language Clinic. Most of her clinics are actually worth it (although maybe a bit on the steep side for some people), but I’d say that the language one was certainly the most helpful for me personally. They aren’t exceptionally deep, and they do rely on the author to be decent at their craft, and at least decently well read, but they also help to make certain things feel less, artificial. Fully functional languages in a otherworldly setting can, if used sparingly, really help to flesh out the culture of a world.

If you just want quick names probably has something. (I know they have a greek sounding namer). Just be careful to Google anything it spits out of its greek name generator, as it sometimes produces words that are, or close to, real words.