Just curious what social format do you use most often

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • Tumblr
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
    -Live Journal
  • Other

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Was trying for a poll but could not turn it into for some reason :pensive:

I use twitter and google plus myself


I think polls might be broken/down at the moment.

(Yeah looks like polls are broken. And the poll plugin is turned off. Although I’ve no idea if that plugin is the one we use. I’m just pretending I know what I’m talking about.)


Thanks just really curious which format is used by most here :smile:


You missed out Reddit. :slight_smile:

There’s likely a few others too. I won’t mention Myspace or Livejournal though. :stuck_out_tongue:


I left out myspace as I thoughr it was dead and live journal I should have remembered as I used it for a long time lol. Will add them though just in case the poll ever starts working thanks :wink:

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Heh! I think they might be dead. I was just joking. Apparently only GRRM still uses livejournal nowadays.

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From the list, Youtube is the only one I use but mostly just to listen to music so I don’t think you would call it “social”. And I have a twitter but only rarely use it.

I do often engage in my university own social media and other similar groups like coursera. Beyond that I have skype that I sometimes use, not sure if it counts though.

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Facebook all the time, just for funny pics and stuff, and Reddit ALL the time, though I mostly just read and never comment except on r/BuildAPC or something.

YouTube I just use my account to make video lists of stuff to watch later. LinkedIn I update whenever I’m looking for a new job.

I don’t use Google+ Circles at all. Or Twitter.

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Tumblr. It has sucked me into its depths and I’m pretty sure if my blog ever got deleted due to some weird accident, I’d have no idea how to go on with my life.
I don’t really use Facebook anymore, mostly because I’m not the kind of person who has a strong need to stay connected to old friends.
And I tried Twitter, but I just couldn’t get into it - I need more than 140 characters to put my thoughts into words.

(Also, to those using Reddit: What is it like? Whenever I hear about Reddit, it seems like the people there are not the nicest. Like, Gamergaters and MRAs everywhere.)


Goodreads. You probably think I’m joking, but I seriously use Goodreads more than any other social media site. I haven’t had a Facebook, Google+ or Twitter account for over three years, and I don’t miss them at all. The only account I miss a little is Tumblr, but I just bookmarked my favorite blogs, so it’s no big loss, just a little harder to track stuff. I’m pretty much a social media hermit these days, and I find that I’m usually happier because of it. I definitely feel safer. I’ve never gotten a single rape or death threat on Goodreads, just people asking me for book recommendations. I even ended up meeting an amazing friend there that I’ve IM’d with every day for months because we both liked the same kinds of books.


Reddit is huge. It’s also thousands upon thousands of different communities all about different things. Each community has its own moderators and rules. So there’s bad places in Reddit and good places.

I mostly hung around in the communities that helped people find things, because it was fun. I liked finding books people had forgotten the titles of, or knowing an old tv show, or remembering a computer game, or being able to use my google fu to find things out that had bothered people forever.

I also liked the android gaming community, unfortunately they changed the rules to it, so people couldn’t make posts asking for game suggestions, so I lost interest.



Ahhh, so there are multiple communities that don’t necessarily have to overlap rather than one big community? I admit, Reddit’s workings are a mystery to me - but thanks for clearing that up!

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Toss up between Reddit and Facebook, for me, probably, with YouTube a close second.

I’m surprised we don’t have more people from Tumblr. I used it rabidly for a few weeks and then got bored.

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facebook and youtube. youtube is good for it’s creepy pastas…someone should make a creepy pasta COG btw :wink: (shadow horror is only horror game I think? cheers but momento mori is a visual game, no good for me :frowning: )

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Check out Memento Mori, it’s this really good survival horror game! It’s amazing! I promise!
/shameless plug

/shameless warning.
@gkkiller Stay on topic, please.

Me? Well, I’ve got a youtube account, but that’s mainly for music. Other than that I think this forum is the thing that comes closest to being some sort of social media :sweat_smile:


I use it rabidly still but I do have periods where my queue will reach zero for a couple days and then the next couple of days be at 150.

But for me Facebook, Tumblr, Youtube, and Pinterest. Though I hardly use facebook, it’s more of just to have one really.


And nothing else.

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Reddit and facebook, for different things. I have a few games I follow on reddit, and I moderate a writing sub over there, which incidentally is where my own writing goes.

Does using the WoW forums count a long time ago? :dragon:

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