Viewing all my tracked threads?

Hey, ok first off I’m using this account as I often still login to this old account to check if I have unread posts in a thread I tracked when using this account, but which hasn’t been posted in for ages, as when using my current profile I just view unread topics and new ones if you get me? And yeah I’m asking a question specific to this account(kinda) so hopes all that’s ok :slight_smile: .

So basically I created my new account as this account is linked to my old facebook with my old name(I’m transgender) and my new account is linked to my current facebook. I will be deleting my old facebook so wont be able to login to this account anymore(right?) as I wont have access to my facebook account. So my question is, is there a way to get a list of all the threads that this account is watching/tracking please? Thanks in advance :slight_smile: , and hope it’s ok to post with this account, as I said just using it now to sort out my tracked threads.

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I’m on mobile and it might be slightly different on a computer proper, but you can go to settings/preferences, and then to categories, and that page will have links to your watched and tracked topics


The link is: forum DOT choiceofgames DOT com SLASH u SLASH your username (should be @CreepyPastaKitty, if the old one) SLASH activity

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Yes, that works for me thankyou :slight_smile: …wow that’s a lot of tracked threads xd.