Usernames are greyed out?

Is this a new feature I missed? I’ve noticed some people’s usernames are grey—I thought it was for newcomers but some people’s accounts indicate they joined last year or even farther back. I was just curious what it meant!

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Haven’t seen that yet.

I have seen it but not much(i just joined here) I thought it just means they blocked you or their account isn’t accessible no more.

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I’ve clicked on some and they didn’t seem to be banned or blocking me, and they were still active on the forum when I saw it! :thinking: I’d take a screenshot the next time I saw one but I wouldn’t want to call anyone out randomly lol.

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Maybe they’re online and inactive?

The person I saw was posting actively for a few days, that’s how I first noticed it! :thinking: But in their case, they were also brand new, so I dunno haha! Maybe it’s just “time spent on the forum” instead of “how recently was the account created”! I just didn’t know if that feature was present before!

ah, i mean inactive as in ‘afk’

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It means they’re new(-ish). They’re not “full members” of the forum yet.


Ah, gotcha! I guess I just never noticed it before then, haha!

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does that mean mines gray as well? I don’t know if it is

Yours is not, not to me! That’s the weird bit that I can’t figure out, lol!

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I’m new, let’s see if my name is grey :thinking:

How new you are isn’t dependent on when you joined but rather what you’ve done on the forum since joining.

I think.


Pretty much this.

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