How to change username?


can i change my username? how do i change it??


You have to PM one of the mods to do that :slight_smile:


mods?? sorry i don’t know what that means :sweat_smile:


LoL it’s okay, “mods” means Moderators (of the Forum)


oh ok :laughing:
but how do i do that? email??


By using the mention command @ and then just use the word “moderators”. Once one shows up, just message them.


Hwey, you can change your username?


do i have to create another thread?


No, do you want me to use the mention for you or?


like this? sorry I’m really confused :sweat_smile:


Like that. Once a mod shows up, you can message them.


oh ok, thanks so much!


No problemo. And uhwuahdaudhuadhaudhaudhaudhaudhaidhiadhioahd.
I added that because my post had to be at least 20 characters long.


Yeah I think I read a post about it somewhere it was very very old one (by Jason I think) who’d said that if anyone wanted to change their username they could PM the mods who’ll change it although they’ll probably ask for some reason of why you wanna do it :sweat_smile:


Also it’s just for one time. So choose wisely :wink: . I’m gonna disturb Jason when i decide on my pen name :slight_smile: . And i think not all but Jason takes care of name changes?


That’s correct.


oh god it completely slipped my mind that they’re super busy rn. maybe I’ll just bother them some other time. :sweat_smile: