How to change username?

Done. (In general, a private message to the mods is the best way to do this, for those who may come after.)


Oh that’s lovely, many thanks Gower! :smiley:

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I also wish to change my username if that’s alright

Sure, just PM me the details.

@moderators Hello I’d like to request a username change,because this username is my real name.I feel uncomfortable to use it in pubic. The new user I’d like is “Zaya27477”
P.S I thank you in advance

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can someone help me? I would like to change my current username.


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Hi, the best way to do this is to PM the moderator inbox, or me or one of the other moderators letting us know the name you’d like to change to :slightly_smiling_face:

(You may also be able to do it yourself through your profile settings)

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@moderators I want to change my username

Please read the thread for the instructions you’ll need to do so.

Can I change my user name?

Thank you

Yes. Just message any moderator with the username you want.