Just curious what social format do you use most often

Facebook, these forums, deviantart, youtube.

Carrier Pigeon :smile: :sweat_smile:
Though seriously, this is the only social media format which keeps me linked to the social network. No joking, I have none of my friends email addresses so I cannot use it to talk to them over the weekend, so yeah, I’m lonely :sob:.


Youtube, I do have Facebook but I don’t really use it that often


I use all of these and I wonder why I never leave the house.

Facebook, but I rarely use it. I usually use Instagram.

Basically people vote with their feet. Up voted posts are more popular because they are either funny or useful or important.

But you can find your own community such as r/worldbuilding, to help you with your writing. Just type Reddit.com/r/worldbuilding and you’re there!


Youtube. Facebook.

Mostly Youtube, though. I only open my Facebook account to keep my name searchable, because apparently you disappear from the search list when you’re inactive for a number of months. I haven’t used Twitter in years, but the account’s still there. Got tired of Tumblr after a year because of all the drama and shizzle.

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Google+ and (Don’t know if they count) The Millennium Forums.

I only go on Facebook once a month now, if at all.

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Facebook. Lottts of Facebook. I’ve always seen it treated as The Worst Social Media™ but I like it? Maybe it depends on how you use it. I only have a small number of current friends whom I’m comfortable with (so no awkward co-workers or family members.) Personally I don’t really get people who have over thousands of friends on Facebook…

Also Tumblr! I met my best friend for life there. But I’m less active now due to having to create a new blog. :confounded: @blackrising Be careful if you plan to delete your sideblog, I wasn’t being careful and deleted my entire account. :sob: For a while I didn’t know how to go on with my life either!

I have a side blog that I share with a couple of friends but that we ended up never using and I am determined to never lay a single finger on that. That thing can lay stagnant for all eternity because I’m not taking the risk of a wrong click.
(Also I once managed to hide my main blog on the app and didn’t realize it. I almost had a heart attack thinking I’d accidentally deleted it. :scream:)

I use tumblr a loooot probably daily, same for ig :thinking: Twitter, if I’m in the mood for drama.

YouTube as a de-facto music streaming service, mostly.
Reddit, mainly for Polandball.
And I do “follow” (read lurk) some of my friends and acquaintances on Twitter and Instagram (many of them seem to like that combo for some reason), though as of yet I don’t have any accounts there myself.

Other than that I don’t really bother.

both Facebook and Youtube are open almost 100% of the time on my computer (facebook as a chat room and youtube when I need some background noise while I do something else)
I some times use reddit for stuff like “today I fucked up” or some of the art stuff
I lurk on tumblr from time to time to look for Persona fanart
and I have a twitter…I never use it, but I have it

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Right now… nothing.

I used to love deviantart, but then they decided they wanted to be like facebook, so I dropped it.

I used to have a facebook because my mother thought that not having one made me an antisocial hermit. As soon as I moved out of my parents’ house, I deleted it.

I follow some blogs on youtube (mostly comedy, science, gaming, and beauty), but I don’t have an account.

I’m thinking about starting a tumblr, but it’s near the bottom of my priority list.


Tumblr, Reddit, Instagram and Twitter :kissing_heart:

Youtube as well, but I don’t talk to anyone on it.

:thinking: Hmmm, does thath mean we should CoG and HG titles on goodreads?

choiceofgames forum…

:smirk: what ? it’s a legit hang out…and more quiet then any others lol and thats how I like it…

I kinda hate all the others…

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