Writers: which social media platforms do you find most useful for talking about your games?


I’m curious what people tend to use to achieve visibility/talk about for their games with fans–and which platforms they’ve gotten the best interaction and feedback from?

Which social media platform do you use to primarily talk about your game(s)?

  • Facebook
  • Tumblr
  • COG Forums
  • Discord
  • Twitter
  • Patreon
  • Instagram
  • Something else

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Feel free to debate the pros and cons of these platforms (FOR WRITERS AND CREATORS SPECIFICALLY!) and which you think is most helpful for writers of WIPs, HGs, and COGs!


I’d say discord too but I don’t actually have one. Though it is proably one of the best ways to achieve consistent communications with readers.


Personally, I’ve had a lot of success with Tumblr and find that it’s a great tool to answer questions, share fanart and relevant topics, and have more of a “personality” to interact with readers than any other site (and without ‘spamming’ places like the forums). I do think the visibility of games is certainly heightened on there, with an ability to draw many more followers from outside the community in–and I think you can get a lot of encouragement and support on there in a more personal way!

However, the more formal, linear format of the forums is great for organizing actual conversations and feedback threads, as well as having one single “information hub” for the game to refer back to as a master post!

Each has their pros and cons, but I would personally recommend that WIP authors at least try to have accounts on both platforms, if not more! :slight_smile:


I use plenty of methods, just none of them very well. But admittedly, that isn’t a fault of the networks themselves, but my own for never bothering much with social media and having few followers. Something I still don’t really regret. I have a Facebook page, an old Twitter account from the webcomic days (@nukepoweredtoaster for anyone interested) and have mentioned it on a few Discord channels and website forums.

I still like the forum here better than any of ‘em.


Forums mostly, Twitter, and Discord. I chat about my work on my personal Facebook account, but that’s more for my friends than for the wider world as my FB is very locked down.

I like the forums for being able to have my own little pockets of discussion, and I find it easy to navigate and reply. Twitter is such a mass that it’s easy to miss stuff or get lost in the crowd, but I do like being able to keep up with gamedev people en mass.

Discord is nice for informal chat and dipping in and out of discussion. I haven’t tried having my own server, though - I’d be curious to hear about other authors’ experiences with that.

I’d been considering getting a work Tumblr, but then the rule changes happened so… Not sure if that’s going to happen.