Might it be time for a fanworks category?

With more and more games out, and thus more people playing, more people also do fanwork. Fanfics, FanArt, Cosplay, Sims3-4 households etc.
Might it be time for a fanworks category to organize and share one’s works better. More efficiently? Allow artists, writers, cosplayers to get feedback on their stuff?


A lot of artists who share fanworks do it in the primary release/discussion/WIP threads for whatever game they’re doing fanwork for. I can think of a few authors off the top of my head that have Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, and at least on Twitter and Tumblr there’s a pretty decent general CoG following that I’ve noticed. And I’m pretty sure there’s a fanwork discussion area in the Discord chat somebody set up as well.

Having a fanwork section might run the risk of getting the site kind of cluttered–people new to the forum might make threads for individual artists, or even individual pieces, when having a thread-per-game/series is more manageable, and some threads along those lines have already been created.