CSG fan community on Pillowfort

With Tumblr’s well-publicized new policies, and certain long-term trends in terms of restricted content, I’m seeing a steady influx of users to Pillowfort. One of the big advantages of PF, in theory, is that it combines Tumblr-style tags and rebloggable posts with LiveJournal-style communities. In theory, this ought to increase the discoverability of new content by fans. Migration from Tumblr to Pillowfort is accelerating, but has not yet reached a tipping point.

However, lengthy unnecessary preludes aside:

I have created a community on Pillowfort for ChoiceScript games (both COG and HG). It’s meant to be for writers/devs as well as readers/players. I wanted it to be a place where people can promote and chat about their WIPs, but of course it’s also a place to discuss the games you played and what you like about them. And post fanworks, of course.

If any of the forum’s WIP authors are considering cloning or migrating from Tumblr, or whatever other social media you use, I’d love to see you join and post. Promote your work, post a review, start a discussion.


but they already do that here no ? I also some author use twiddles and such cose they dont have time to be on a forum posting and answering questions and such .

Hazel is providing COG,HG and WiP authors another additional platform for them to discuss their game, for those who can’t do paetron or don’t just prefer Tumblr alone. Think of it as further spreading the community.

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They’re currently not… accepting registrations?

A $5 donation gets you a key for the beta. They need to buy more hardware and get more developers to deal with the flood from tumblr.

I just joined. The openmindedness there may prevent authors from leaving a souring, moral crusader environment.

As I understand, they aim to operate on a financial model where the most basic features are available to free users, and subscribers get extra benefits. But as @obieblu said above, first they need to upgrade their infrastructure. After the Tumblr activity of late, their userbase increased about tenfold. I knew some Tumblr users on the forum might have already been familiar with PF and might’ve, like me, had an invite that they secured earlier and were sitting on, in case of… well, this. I thought having a designated address for discussion might encourage those that already have accounts to use them.

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