Thread for Authors' Social Media Info - Post yours Here!


I think many of the CoG/HG authors have social media presences, but there’s no one place to get everyone’s FB, Twitter, websites, blogs, etc. With everyone being “free agents” it’s understandably fragmented.

My idea was that authors could just add their info to the list here and then we have a one-stop shop for all the info. If we make this easier to find, some forum dwellers (including lurkers) may take notice.

Here’s my info.

Title: Community College Hero (pending release)
Twitter: @CCH_EricMoser

Add your own below!


There’s also this:

Hosted Games Author Network


Love it!

Come follow me at:


Twitter (


Upcoming HG: Attack of the Clockwork Army (Nov 7 probably!!!)

Best source for major updates eg game releases, print novel releases, lists of conferences I’m attending/hijacking (it averages one email per month): Mailing list at

Best source for general writing stuff, including awesome bits of steampunk or piratical history and recommendations for books/games (keeping in mind facebook won’t let you see all of it because they’re evil):

Best spot for longer ramblings, such as the gritty origin stories of my…er… stories, plus talk about whatever I’m thinking about (my children, steampunk, pirates, fantasy, book reviews, game reviews, mental illness, God, human rights, etc):

Best spot for (much) shorter ramblings about whatever I’m thinking about: @FBanksBooks


If you’re that way inclined, you can follow me on twitter here:


Gamebooks: Trial of the Demon Hunter, Captive of Fortune
Novel: Mabelin and the Demon Trials

I’m on Facebook here: I also run the Hosted Games page but it looks like @babbleyaggle already posted the link for that.


I generally like to keep my Facebook private, but you can find me on Twitter at:

Guns of Infinity

Great idea!

The title I’m responsible for is Double/Cross
You can find me on facebook


Or my website


This is an excellent idea.

I don’t use social media as much as I follow it, but you can find me over on, and I also have a website:


Twitter: @mossdogmusic
Site: (game dev and interactive fiction blog)


Games: Samurai of Hyuga, Fatehaven


The site contains links to all our games, as well as a blog I update every month. This month’s post is about murder mysteries. If you read between the lines, you’ll get some ideas as to what I’m cooking up next!


I’ve just started up a facebook page specifically for “Attack of the Clockwork Army” which will be released within days!!! Aieeee!!

There’ll be story discussion there (as well as here, I’d imagine, so it depends on your style whether you want to talk there or here or both), plus lots of steampunk stuff (including some of my own book reviews), Australian stuff, articles on IF, and a LOT of links to people’s reviews of the game, including several reviewers you’ll definitely recognise.


I’m primarily on Twitter: :slight_smile:


This thread is old :older_man: but eternal! So forgive me for reviving:

The Aegis Saga - Blood (pending release 2016)
My twitter
And website
And facebook

I’ve tried a few mediums and twitter definitely has the most appeal to me - it’s easy to collect together the reviewers and IF movers and shakers together to send my game to as most have a presence there. Think I’m following around 380 of these . . . :smirk: slightly outweighing my own 65 followers. But they’re creating pretty cool content and its fun retweeting stuff about IF


@Charles_Parkes, your Facebook is a person, not a group. :slight_smile: I would Like you as Lucid’s Games, but it seems that I can only do that for groups and not people.


Ah, I was wondering why anyone who was an author rather than a company would run a business page too. Seemed like extra work - but this seems to be one good reason. :slight_smile: