Coming up with superpowers

I am working on a character list for a story involving superheroes with a rather large cast, and I’m fresh out of ideas without doing the whole “it’s like x but y” thing. Anyone got any ideas? Or power suggestions? Or heck even whole characters I could take inspiration from


There’s the superpower wiki. It’s been a blessing and a curse, seeing my story has around 70 dif powers to pick from. (you can check the list in my game if you want)

Alternatively thing of bad puns and go from there (I sure as heck did often enough)

A superpower that can turn any substance in the known universe… to ketchup.


Take an ordinary object or scenario and build a superpower around it. It leads to some weirdly specific superpowers, but it’s good for building a lot of superpowers quickly.


Super speed but you have to eat candy and get a sugar rush from it for it to work.


I like Thanos. You can use Degima as a name. It is a high performance computer cluster used for hierarchical N-body simulations. Thanks

Some great funny suggestions here. And I think that hints at the problem. Super heros have been done to death, so yeah, it’s really hard to implement powers in a unique way except silly ones that haven’t been done before…But anyhoo my suggestion…The Edge. She is quite fast, has great fighting skills, is good with knives and guns, has healing powers like wolverine and is quite strong…But her powers are weaker the less umm gothy?Edgey? she is. Basically if she is listening to aggressive loud heavy metal, dressed all in black and being a bitch her powers are at her strongest. If she is hugging someone, whilst dressed in light pastele colours whilst listening to calm relaxing music her powers will be basically none-existent xd.

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The power to knock your foes back with a heavy slam of booger.

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The power to take an emotion from someone and give it to someone else. Weakness is the hero gets affected by emotions he absorbs until he passes it on.

The power to touch someone and see ten minutes into their future. Weakness they can’t see their own.

The power to absorb another power gaining instant knowledge of it. But the borrowed power only lasts for an hour and they can only borrow the power once.


A person who can control peoples emotions (up to five at a time, and can only do it for ten minutes before having to rest for thirty minutes).

Anime has some interesting characters with the coolest powers I’ve ever seen. Some of my personal favourites are:
Escanor (7 deadly sins): As the sun rises so does his strength, endurance, size, speed. So by midday he becomes this invincible man who boost about his own strength but by night he becomes the weakest man alive.
Levy Mcgarden (Fairy Tail): She writes letters in the air and it becomes materialised. For exampled if she writes stone the word becomes stone. etc etc.
Esatrossa (7 deadly sins): If those around him hold hatred they cannot move.
Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia): His power is passed from person to person which builds up the power to the next person.
Josuke Higashikata (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure): The power to reverse the object to it’s previous state, this means if he breaks the wall he can return it to it’s original state. It’s been used to both heal and to destroy.
There is a lot more if you want some more hit me up.


The power to telekinetically spin coins at maximum rotation so they could be used for attacking opponents, deflecting bullets, setting traps, etc. Inspired from spin in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure part 7: Steel Ball Run.

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Animal Kingdom, X-Men, South Park Fractured But Whole are my favorite diverse superheroes cast groups. Look there for inspiration.

I quite like that idea/character, I might play around with it a bit if thats okay, see if she works out anywhere.

@Tai00 I just started watching anime a few weeks ago, so far I’ve seen One Punch Man, My Hero Academia, and Tiger and Bunny. I quite like the Tiger and Bunny concept of being an invincible god for a short amount of time, similar to All Might and apparently Escanor. My Hero Academia has a lot of powers and concepts I never would’ve thought of too, like Iida’s engine power

@achtungnight I’m hesitant about drawing too heavily from other super hero media, especially mainstream stuff like Marvel or X-Men, which many other superhero CoGs seem to draw from

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This power has been used a few times but always my favorite is using/manipulating shadows.
Communicate/ manipulate all or certain types of animals (kinda like the old movie beast master)
and also be a master with swords, axes, staves etc.
Control/manipulate electricity/ electronic devices.
A unique shapeshifter such as a monitor, dragon, Griffin etc. Basically creatures from midevil fantasy
That’s a few I can up with at this moment. Sorry if this isn’t much help but hopefully it will inspire you at the very least.
Just thought of one more a super ninja who can teleport and manifest his own weapons.

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What about the ability to control nearby technology?

Or to steal other peoples powers without being able to use them yourself but being able to give them to others or destroy themmaby?

The ability to speed up people and objects but can’t speed yourself up

I have some ideas I do not mind sharing. If you include or use these I would just be happy to be informed.

Project Swarm

The superhero’s whole body consists of small nanites, with roughly 0,05 mm in size. The nanites are composed of a carbon-iron composite and have limited self-replicating abilities, but they need acces to a pure source of iron and a high power energy source in order to reassemble the iron and air’s carbondioxide into new nanites. The hero’s mind is stored and processed on a cloud-consciousness made up by all individual nanites. They communicate either, when they are in direct contact with each other, with small electrical signals or, when no direct contact is established, over low power radio.

Next to their replication ability, they can assemble into an object with every desired shape, color, texture or hardness, in the confines of their original weight and volume. That gives the hero the ability to shapeshift, harden his outer shell for defensive purposes or grow bladed weapons. Finally thanks to the nanites ability of radio communication and limited flight the hero can turn into a cloud-form, that can fly through every small opening and is nearly immune to projectile and blade weapons.

Project Swarm has its weaknesses tough. When individual Nanites or whole chunks of them are seperated from the rest, they try to coomunicate over radio, which can be jammed. When this happens the cloud-consciousness is divided into multiple individual parts, which can no longer cooperate, weakening the processing power of every single cloud, which slows down the hero’s perception and ability to react and think. Jamming the radio when in cloud form is even worse, as it results in the nanites loosing all kind of coherent behaviour and the hero looses his abilty to basically think. They will try to reassemble, but during that the hero is vulnerable.

Some hero’s that wield Project Swarm actually suffer from a form of multiple personality disorder, since when a part of them is disconnected from the main-cloud it will try to generate a new version of the hero’s consciousness. After reconnection is established, these consciousnesses sometimes remain and lead to multiple people living in one cloud, unable to be seperated again. It has been advised that wielders of Project Swarm do not try to reconnect to large parts of them that were disconnected for more than half an hour, in order to prevent the forming of multiple-person-clouds. The same applies to multiple wielders of Project Swarm touching, since physical connection will lead to the fusion of the physical form and the clouds.

Project Swarm is indeed a power that can be passed on. All it takes is a to consume a small amount of the nanites. After one to one and a half years, if enough access to energy and iron, the persons body will be converted into nanites and his mind will be copied onto the new cloud-consciousness.

Despite the fact that a wielder of Project Swarm can be difficult to killed, there are some ways to do it. The nanites are weak against electricity and a strong enough burst can fry them and kill the wielder instantly. And, even if the defence in hardened mode against it is much higher, in swarm-mode heat and explosive weapons can destroy the nanite swarm relativly easily. if enough Nanites are destroyed they loose the ability to process the wielder’s mind and deactivate if not connected to another cloud or material to replesnish their numbers.

Visual Breakdown Trigger

If a person, without extremly high mental defences, sees naked skin from a person with that power they summer an immediate mental breakdown proportional in severity to the amount of skin seen and the duration of the exposure.

The breakdown has a number of observable symptoms: hallucinations, loss of higher motor-functions, loss of fine motor-functions, loss of sense of time and muscle spasms.

The breakdown vanishes after 10 minutes to 24 hours depending on the amount of exposure. The effect is in some form transferrable to photos and other visual media, even if in an weakend form. Effects reach from mild headaches to a 1 minute breakdown, depending on things like quality of the image, if the colors are degraded or not and if it is video or not. In general you can say, the more lifelike the image the stronger the effect.

Relative Time Dialation

This power allows the user to speed up or slow down his body relative speed, this results in a number of effects. Because of the relative difference in time speeds his own madd increases proportional to the rate of time speed up. (10X faster = 10X more relative mass) for the user on the other hand everything becomes proportional less heavy and any forces proportional less strong, to the point where tank cannons produce not more relative impact force than a bb-gun for the user. The user gets stringer too, as his body produces relativly more energy than his sorroundings.

There are of course downsides, one is that the user is in danger of freezing to death. Since because of the relativistic effects the air around him has way less thermal energy and could cool him out very quick. the second downside is that the more dialation there is, the less intensity the light that hits him has, making it at some point almost impossible to see.

See if you can find a list of magical powers from Xanth. There were some really obscure or useless powers. I don’t know what sort of powers you want in your roster. A woman would slowly grow into a second person and back on a monthly basis. Someone would exaggerate qualities they saw in others.

I briefly ran a superhero table top rpg. I tried some unique and subtle abilities. The antagonist was an empath, but secretly, his DNA was viral. It would turn someone +50% into him. His ‘evil’ plan was to force everyone in the world to care about the people around them.
I also had someone who sweat deadly pathogens unwillingly. A living particle accelerator. Someone who could do mini nuclear fusions, making heavier elements and releasing heat. Generate inertia and launch objects they touched.

Also check Xmen’s weird powers. An external digestive system. Just useless blue skin. Things like that.

Suit yourself, I wasn’t saying to directly steal characters. But it’s easy to give a character telepathy, flight, or genius intelligence and that doesn’t count the same.