Choosing MC Powers (Question)


New poster on the forum here, but have been lurking for quite a while now! I’ve been meaning to write my own story using ChoiceScript for some time now, but have only recently drawn up enough planning for the plot. I’ve been thinking of writing a super power/super hero story, and have just started out writing it. Thing is, I’m still unsure of the power set I want to give the MC. I have an idea of the “villains” that the MC will be facing, so I have thought of some power sets that would mesh well within my story. I just can’t really pick one, as they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Which is why I’m posting here to ask all of you! I would greatly appreciate your answers! This is a casual question also, so don’t feel skittish if you think this will be locking me into anything! Anyways, here are the powers I’ve been thinking of:

  • Telepathy (reading emotions, sensing thought activity, etc.)
  • Superspeed (bursts of speed, highspeed thoughts, etc.)
  • Crystallization (turning internal moisture to crystals, manipulating crystals, etc.)
  • Invisibility (turning body and held objects invisible)
  • Metal Manipulation (controls certain metals, change solidity of metals, etc.)

Of course, if you have any questions or recommendations about the powers, I’m all ears! I’m still debating if these powers are even the best choices, so if you have any ideas I’d love to talk about them!

Thank you once again!

(edit: Can’t make polls, so I had to edit as just a question like this! Sorry! :slight_smile: )

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How about the power…to move you?


I personally always find blood manipulation powers fun to play with

:open_mouth: As in, the power to physically move people, or emotionally move people? I’m intrigued!


I’ve actually toyed with that idea! It admittedly sounds like a villainous power, but powers don’t make the person after all! It would need some limiting though, as the MC could hypothetically affect everyone. :thinking:

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I love you for that.
That’s telekinesis Kyle!


Hmmmm you could have the mc choose if they take the blood from themselves or others and if it sounds to op you can put a power limit on the mc like they only have the power to effect up to 2 or 1 person alive and can only control 20-50 pounds of blood out of the body

That’s true! In fact, bringing up the idea of utilizing their own blood brings up interesting situations, like how far they want to be using their own. The more they use, the more at danger they place themselves, but could potentially pay off. Also having the choice between their own and others gives a sense of altruism vs. selfishness… :smirk:

I looked into a superhero story for a while but I was distracted by something else before I did much with it. What I did come up with was the idea that any superpower a hero has, a villain has to be able to counter, and vice versa, otherwise you have no real story. I was looking for something that hadn’t been done so many times there were few possibilities left.

So, in an age of eco warriors and concern for the environment I came up with the idea of being able to control plants as a super power. And what’s a plant’s greatest enemy (apart from combine harvesters), locusts… in other words, the ability to control insects to counter the plants. And, of course, neither are overly fond of fire, another thing that exists in nature and fire has issues with water… After looking at fire I ended up playing with idea for volcanic activity, the water thing led to the oceans and the wildlife there, all begging to be controlled and manipulated (well, not really but we can overlook that for the sake of the story!).

The possibilities seem endless after you’ve escaped from the Hollywood idea of a superhero…

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I always like the idea of plant manipulation as a power, like vine in ‘from ashes we rise’

Yeah, there’s definitely a lot of potential once you delve deeper into the “broad” categories that powers seem to fall under. I like your idea of checks and balances though, and how every power has a counter. The overall “system” in my story is that powers take on a more natural and evolutionary form, so some powers are naturally more powerful than others. What counters them is different powers being used in conjunction against them. I’ll admit that my ideas for the MC’s powers are quite Hollywood, but I hope to introduce some powers in my story that are different from others than have been used… hopefully!

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I would love water controll because blood is mostly water you can also control blood and move jumanj because they are like 60 prosent water

Why not a power associate to “evil” like necromancy? Up to us to do good with it (or not).
I like the blood manipulation though (it feel Tremere)

There’s a wiki for superpowers if you need more ideas. There are also a bunch of similar posts on this forum (which I’m too lazy to link lol) if you search which may inspire more ideas.

Personally, I would like the power of randomness. Quite boring on paper, but I think about it like Domino’s power to randomly influence objects around her making her have this sort of super good luck. Except, it’s just chaotic randomness. Maybe you get lucky, maybe you don’t. It could be very fun to code with lots of factors in earlier choices to maybe influence a particular outcome.

Good luck with your game! :slight_smile:


The power to manipulate the shadows? It would be pretty cool though I don’t know if it will have many applications as you gotta think outside the box. Bind a person to their own shadow and physically restrain them, travel through the shadows and appear behind said person who is bound and stab them tell they die. Or just them them in the face. Of course manipulating shadows would either be disastrous or beneficial at night cause shadows are made from light and at night there isn’t much, unless you include the uncountable amount of light from houses

Another one that would be cool is to use one’s fear against them. Psychologically manipulate them and make them see their worst nightmares

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You’re kidding right? :grin:

It is REALLY powerfull at night if you’ve got a simple torch or lamp. A single light source and you’re overpowering any situation (well except for surprise attack, but there are only a few thing that cannot be bothered by surprise attack).

How about the powers from the prototype game they were cool or how about Atom manipulation.

I always thought the power to read minds would be pretty cool. Yeah its not something cool like super strength or blood manipulation but it could help you deal with other characters or see what others are thinking about or what they plan to do.

The third one sound painful, awfully like cells freezing to death. shudders

I like it though, I oftentimes prefer creation powers that originate form ones own person so to say, they’re the best to put a negative spin on, be it a physical or mental energy drain, the cost of breaking down something else or the horrifying option of sacrificing material from your own form.

Imagine, off in the distance during an epic battle, someone is shooting unstoppable wolverine claws through the air, then silence, followed by someone screaming “Fear the mighty T-rex!”

Bless that old joke.

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How about speed healing?
Reality manipulation?
Energy manipulation?
Power nullification?