Power Options

Hey guys, I’m currently working on a superhero style project and I’m having a hard time on choosing between giving the player a choice of powers to use or just one.

I already have a power in mind which is when the protagonist touches someone, he gets to use an exact copy of their power for one day.

My fear is that others might not like the lack of choices they have on the powers they get to use or it’ll lessen the game’s replay value.

You could always have a lot of choices for people the MC gets to absorb abilities from?



There’s been a previous thread created for less popular superpowers you could draw inspiration from. Here’s the link. Enjoy and best of luck!


More powers means more work. We have a few games published with a multitude of powers, but looking at their reviews people have been disappointed that the powers don’t come into play as they should.

And trust me, I know from experience that letting powers be relevant is one HELL of a coding job.


I think adding more power options isn’t necessary since your MC can absorb and use other’s powers already. I guess, there would have to be situations where your MC would have to choose which power to absorb so there’s variety. You have to account for using a specific power for different situations (if you add other power options) or you could have a set of people to choose which power to absorb from (if you’re going to stick with just one).

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