Source of magic or powers

Hey, I need some advice. Currently, I’ve been trying to create a magic system where ordinary people get powers from certain items. I’m going for a mystical protector type thing, I know it’s been done before but I want to try my hand at it and I hope I can get advice for it.

What type of source should the items be? Also, would it be better for the MC to choose from a small predefined list of powers or for their powers to already be set?

  • Rings
  • Amulets
  • Watches
  • Gems
  • Stones
  • Keys
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  • MC should have a choice in powers
  • MC should have predefined powers
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Also this is my first post apologies if this isn’t the right thread.


For the first poll I chose amulets and rings, because it would be easier to keep them on you. And it would make an element of “need to actually have it on you” easier to implement and make more sense. How would you use keys? And do you need to hold the stones and gems? Etc. Rings and Amulets are pretty straight forward.

For the second poll, I said a predetermined power, but a choice can definitely work. I just think that one set power is easier to code, and easier to make the plot more dependent on the power, which I like.


I chose keys and amulets. Amulets have generally been a protective measure (passive power,) and I like the idea of using a key to unlock a given active power. The more keys you have, the more powers you can access (and yes, in part I avoided a ring for the other choice in order to avoid the pun.) Keys would also be quite easy to camouflage among “normal” keys. And who wouldn’t want the unassuming school janitor, with his massive ring of keys, be some sort of hidden master of the magical arts?

For the second I chose choice of powers. If using keys for powers, then they would be easily (perhaps) gained and lost/discarded. Choice makes more sense than predefinition, although there can be things that MC is better at or more prone to take/use than others, independent of what they have access to.


Rings and gems for me. That Kirby/Sonic/Mega Man comparison is too strong for me to say no. And who doesn’t like rings? (not that one ring, of course)

As for the second question, I would prefer a choice of powers, and let the enemies/bosses have a fixed power (again, that Mega Man reference is too strong for me to pass on).

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I chose keys and stones, because they can be mediums to magical gadgets in the form of fancy belt buckles – you know, like the ones Kamen Riders wear to transform into their superhero forms.

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I imagine you could use the keys to open portals or summon stuff. Kinda like Lucy from fairy tale


Do you mean they give you the powers or do you have to have them on you to use the power

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Both. Definitely both. They grant you powers and you have to have it to use them.