Magic, powers, and their applications

After a lot of studying (and a lot of trips to the superpower wiki) I have decided to try and create this and help people trying to find ways to use, create, or define powers or magic and how to use them. If anyone needs help with magic or powers, how to counteract them, or how to create techniques for them in anything just ask!


How would one go about using umbrakinesis… casually? like an alcoholic yet never seems to be drunk police chief who used to be a rookie superhero but had a tragic backstory incident and became a policeman instead. His power is pitch black giant darkness arms that exude pure black mist,

Casually is a wide term, can you be more specific? A non combat scenario, trying to intimidate, showing a cool party tick as examples
For something like trying to seem more imposing making shadows on your face to create a darker, more striking and fearful look, making your shadow pitch black to create an errie feeling when people looking at you, making your eyes black as coal to give a good death glare


Explain Hardlights and the Infamous: Second Son Video Powers

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I suppose he could open bottles, and escape from bond villain traps easily

It essentially a second pair of hands, he could put shadow arms around or in his real arms to create essentially arms twice as strong and fast if he was trusting to do it inconspicuously

With the mist there is little to no casual ability

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Video is essentially the electronic forms of the data put into real life, that’s why the sword can actually his sword could physically effect things. It’s a specific form of electrokenesis at its roots
I don’t understand what you mean by the hardlights please elaborate


Ohh I thought that Video was actually a form of Hardlight. You know like in Sci Fic and overwatch where people could turn lights into solid objects

Well considering you could summon the npcs and they acted automatically like an npc would from their coding that would be more likely, but yes that is another possibility. Don’t forget that the satalites only had that little screen with only so much actual video in them but would have had a crapload of electronic data running through it

Honestly I wish they delved more into how their powers work, there is so much potential

Hard light on the other hand would take a gigantic amount of energy to create solid matter from light(and if my physics teacher is right and light has no matter then there is no real way to make solid light to my knowledge) but it’s power would be nigh unstoppable if used the right way

Yeah but then I don’t know if the person saw it, with a reply it makes sure they see it

Yeah I especially liked paper since it seemed like a versatile and useful power. The fact that they used such unusual powers really sold that game for me.

Also you could probably just edit your post you know?

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If you’ve ever played Tyranny, then there’s this concept in the game where the people’s beliefs are the source of power.
For example, if enough people believe you’re a shadow then somehow you gradually become an actual shadow
and hence, the more people that believe you are powerful, the more power you’ll have, literally not in an influential sense, that’s basically real life.
So, I just wondered what you think about this approach? Are there any fallacies that might ruin the story’s legitimacy?


I believe the term is thought form or something like that
I semi like it as I means that now matter how strong the charecters get they are still week by themselves and they might have to do things just to stay alive or keep their power thus bringing them all down to the same level in certain cases wich is a good trump card Tactic for the heros and the villans
A good example of this is in notomogatari where all the monsters are thought form and the vampires need to kill and drink blood because 1 they need to because everyone says they need to and 2 because they need to make sure people believe in them
There are a couple of loop holes in this scenario
If you believe yourself to be a god then you get stronger then you believe in it even more and more and more until you actually become a god, and if it doesn’t allow for beliefs in oneself to change something then they could do a trick and make people believe they are magic and then they really do have magic. Esspecially cults would actually be some of the strongest people in the world since they actually have a god to fight for them
And then giant religions could litteratly destroy everything since they just all have to think “my god would defeat such and such enemy” and then it would happen
This could lead to a galaxy destroying battle if a holy war started

Ps this game looks awsome, I will have to try it

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That’s an interesting point, and I think it is somewhat the premise of the game since the main antagonist has access to a world-shattering power that grows more powerful over time as more people hear of it( and therefore believe in it). Although once it’s in the public domain, the actual caster no longer has any control over it and the people’s faith keeps the magic alive

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