I had a bit of inspiration or perhaps it was just a miss firing of a few synapses in my brain not sure which. :slight_smile: It is just for fun, please enjoy.

Oh that’s fun!

I love it! XD

Thank you @FairyGoffeather and @trollhunterthethird

I was seeing if I could write something simple. And this is very simple lol.


But it was nice though, even if it doesn’t pass off as real fortune-telling, it’s quite simple and I do still like it xD

Thanks @Random I spent only a couple of hours on it. The icon took the longest to make. I may add a bit more text later but for now it is what it is.

Kind of like a spooky magic 8 ball :slight_smile:

@wolfwriter20 what I was hoping for lol

*edit but I don’t think he likes me as I can never get a yes answer.

Omg I tried 20 times an only it 1 yes Lolz he must hate us

@lordirishdas Where is the eerie music? and eerie next button?

Lol @Blackheart I think he is a little bent.

Did not have time to add it @2Ton, but will add it tonight. He he

Double post.

Ok added some creep factor to it. Now need to get back to the real work at hand.

*edit Did not notice til just now the music keeps time with the eyes. Now that is creepy.

There we go!

ok bro…first moment i opened the file up was like…say wha…then creepy sound comes in and im like…well you don’t want to know my thoughts and reaction…and with the face staring back at me vanishing and reappearing…

But @2Ton like 2ton said lol time to push the eerie button…

God the eyes are still there…and ooohh I feel so slow I was suppose to ask a question in rl lol…wow…I feel so very slow…was wondering where the questions were =p

@Arcania you have to ask it out load kinda like asking the old magic eight ball then click the button for the reply.

I just pwned gumbie. I asked it if Frodo dies at the end of LOTR… He said yes…

@lordirishdas hehheh gotcha took me a moment though =p Use to such silent play.
@Headhunter180 =D>

Who knows maybe they will make movie where he does die. He is after all looking to the future.

How did you invert the background and text colors?