I need a better title


Back in the beginning of the year, I proposed a game to CoG. Here’s the basic premise: you’re the identical twin of a superhero, and when your twin gets nabbed by the bad guys, you have to take your twin’s place in order to rescue them. And also to keep anyone from realising that they’ve actually got the REAL superhero in their clutches because then bad things will happen.

The overall feel is modern, relatively realistic. Superpowers do manifest occasionally, but are exceedingly rare: those who have them either don’t bother to cultivate their abilities, or turn to crime. Our hero doesn’t even realise that their own physical prowess constitutes a superpower until it’s pointed out to them that normal people don’t master athletic skills that quickly, or retain them that long without constant practice/training. There isn’t much of a culture surrounding superheroes in this setting … it’s more like the original 1939 Batman, where the superhero in question is basically a civilian vigilante and possibly the only one of their kind in the entire world.

But I need a title for this. I made one up in a hurry (“The Swashbuckler Rides Again!”) for the proposal, but I don’t like it, and CoG thinks I need something a little more … superhero-ish. Any ideas?


Hmmmmm what about Twin Hero? Or The Rise Of A Twin


A Case of Mistaken Identity. Seems like a solid story, honestly.




Replacement Man, or the Understudy Hero.


I suppose “Wonder Twin” is probably out :slight_smile:

“Alter Ego” seems à propos


Could have döppleganger?two’s company? Family fraud? Less than a dynamic duo? Ok you have got to admit that the last one is absolute b******* coz I think it is :expressionless:.


Or Doppelgänger Hero


Isn’t that already a title of a GN?


Don’t remember I’ll check though. My memory blanked out after I passed the mark of being up for 20+ hours


Double Jeopardy

Twin Trouble

Double Act/ion


Two faces: One Coin.

Sorry for the lame title :wink:


Or One Coin: Two Faces. But that’s a coin right so


Of course, it could be either way.


Or maybe it’s Two coins: One face


That sounds like a great name, modern and retro at the same time, impressive.


Yeah i think that works better


If heads hero? :smile: :smile: :smile: (probably pushing it a bit, but as we’re sticking with a coin theme…)


It works because the main twin is the head of the two until now the other was the tail of the twins.


I’m going to say without knowing more about the game, and the world etc, it’ll be tricky for us to pick a name. Especially if you and CoG can’t come up with one you like. We won’t be able to pick out unique aspects of it.