I have a pitch...need a coder, because i have no clue how to code it

The pitch is this: A game…like Choice of the Fae. You start off unconscious in a cell somewhere. You’re trying to remember who and what you are. some choices will be; Faerie, Brownie, Dwarf, Pixie, Gnome, and Royal Faerie. You go through pick your name and gender and those things. After remembering what you need, a hooded figure comes down and asks if you’re ready to talk. To which you think back to the last thing you remember. doing some activity (of your choice) and being dragged off somewhere, then questioned and tortured. But you know you have no clue as what they were demanding. You can choose; “I don’t know what you mean” “Release me now” (probably only if royal) or “Keep Quiet”

eventually someone will come down and offer you a chance to escape. you’ll choose to accept or not. eventually you’ll either die in the cell, or go out to get that information.

Please let me know if you’re interested. email me for more info: Lilyjones128@gmail.com

I like the idea but I think you should expand on it a little more :slight_smile:

Have you ever watched ‘Lost Girl’? You might find inspiration there.

I like it. I’d help, but most tech is anathema to me, especially programming.

i record that show and thats where i am getting some inspiration…i know romance would be involved. obviously mystery. and idk exactly much more

The programming isn’t too hard, the choicescript frame work deals with all complex stuff you just need to know some basic commands and indentation/layout rules. :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to help code it if you want but you’ll need a full design first:

A summary of the plot, characters, every choice and direction (flowchart?), variable lists and stuff. Stats/attributes.

It might even help if you just wrote the whole thing first and then a coder can just copy and paste it in and around the commands.

I’d probably suggest you start off in a more interesting location as well, Prison cells don’t leave much to be desired!

Were you thinking modern day or medieval-fantasy-esque?


There HAS to be a Character called Kenzie… ;D

lol…it wont be a cell exactly…and i know that i can figure out what will affect it…but i dont know any formatting stuff…and there would be a dyson

We’re talking the wolf-shifting Fae right? Not the hoover? ;3

hoover? defanitely sexy wolf shifter…dont know the hoover

Well definitely consider carrying on with this, I’d love to see what you can do with it :slight_smile:

Let me know if I can be of any assistance.

lol play the game called limbo it will be a great puzzle MCG if managed to be made and coded