Hunter SKY (WIP) - Seeking Feedback

Would you please add more save slots?

yknow some of the deaths feel a little cheap,especially the simon says bit where you have to follow the path

Love how the book is going,the length and the characters so far.
Few suggestions I want to make since the mc is going to begin training that is going to increase their stats are;
You can make there be a check during the battles instead of the random options be the option for the mc not to take damage.
I literally had to load saves 100+ times during my playthrough to prevent taking damage.
I understand the game is still in the early stages and we can’t really change the stats significantly but I hope the stats begin to mean more in the game.
This also applies to the non combat stats too.
You could make a intelligent mc have hints in the questions that are given to us to answer and whether you implement the stat checks or not, you could allow a battle iq mc to get hints on options they could take in battle depending on how high their battle iq stats are.

Also would recommend adding a sort of description in the prologue that allows the mc to pick which stats they want to be their best in so they can use that as their ways of winning battles.
Another suggestion, though I think this should be implemented later,is allowing the mc to use weaker skills of their power or reduce the amount of natural energy they want to put into an attack.
And a question?
Do all powers have counters or is it only a couple of them?
Is the transformation going to be with a separate character or just something the mc can do on their own?
What is the ratio of chikara to the main population?
Can our amount of natural energy increase/the energy we use decrease?
Was our dad a chikara too?
Was Jirells transformation another power entirely or a transformation?
Why does sir Gale have control over 5 elements?
Is there going to be a market or exchange in game?

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You have a lot of questions :grinning: