Hunter SKY (WIP) - Seeking Feedback

You have a lot of questions :grinning:


Sure I’ll add it tomorrow with the next update


Hey thanks lots for the feedback. I always love hearing any piece of advice. Sure I’ll look into hoe the deaths are carried out in the game. I wanted to make a certain level of difficulty so that’s why.

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Wow I love these. Thanks for the feedback mate. I kind of wanted to make it feel like real life where you don’t always know where your choices will lead to. Plus I wanted the game to be a bid difficult but not outrageously hard.

If that’s an inconvenience to your experience then I’ll certainly add those guides in case you’re unsure about a choice.


I’d be pleased to answer your questions. I love questions lol.

  1. I’ve already considered adding that but it will only be in the finished game.

  2. Of course. There will be weaker skills that cost less to use so you can conserve you energy. However the part about choosing how much power to put into the attack sounds cool. Hmm I think I will add it.

  3. No not all powers have counters. Only certain ones like element based powers have counters.

  4. :sunglasses: I’m afraid I can’t divulge any information on that. You’ll just have to wait and see.

  5. I never actually made a scale but the population of Chikaras are extremely low compared to the number of non chikaras worldwide. There’s at least two chikaras in each nation, but Altea and Sagara are an exception.

  6. Nope. The Mc’s father was not a chikara.

  7. Jirell’s power was just a burst of rage but there’s another surprise that will be revealed soon concerning that.

  8. Sir Gale is a special case. He used elemental scrolls in order to achieve control of four other elements along with his original power.

  9. I do plan to add money to the game that you can use bt this will be in the finished version.

I apologize for taking so long to reply and upload new chapters, but the workload has been quite hefty for a while. Now I’m back😎



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Lol who keeps flagging these posts? He said nothing wrong.


Good news guys! Chapter eleven is completed and finally released. Here it is:

I plan on adding inventories so you can walk around with items or purchase stuff so you will notice a few signs. And again I sincerely apologize for the long wait. I’m fully able to write freely now so frequent updates will be a thing again. Your feedback and advice is much appreciated.


I still noticed in chapter one or near beginning. When the village is being attacked.

Father hands mothers necklace over and says “Son.” Im the daughter not son. Options in that scene is where you cry, and villagers save you, or stay with dad and end up dead. I think thats what happened there?

Trying to give exact spot to be able to check and fix.


Oh my bad. It seems I missed that one. Thanks for pointing it out👍. I’ll get to fixing it.


when clicking on chapter eleven this error happend

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Thank you for pointing it out. I went back and corrected line 91 so it should work now.

How do you get the A ranked technique?

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Hey. If you answer most of the questions correctly then you can unlock that skill.

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I found a spelling error near the the start of the game when it asks about being a knight. The name of the place we grew up in is spelled wrong in the first choice

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I found a spelling error in the forth question in test to become a knight

You spelled daimond with instead of diamond.

I also found a mistake with Lea’s fight.

I stopped her instead of the knight but it’s shows the knight did it anyway after she thanked me.

I found a spelling error helping Lea catch up selecting the loser response.

You spelled eventually as everntually.

I found a mistake with the headband activity. I put my mine on my ankle but the second option says I put it on my arm.

Sorry for bothering u with old content errors but I felt it broke the story a bit.


He literally just released this one not long ago. You shouldn’t pressure authors like that besides he probably needs a break now and start checking any bug reports.


Thanks but what did he say? I missed t because someone flagged it.


Wow I missed these errors. Thanks for catching them for me😊. I’ll fix them soon. I really appreciate it.


Now that we’re eleven chapters in does anyone have a favorite character or just one that they like. For experimental purposes I would like to know which characters are well received with you guys. Also if it’s not too much trouble could you state why?

Mine personally is a character that hasn’t been revealed yet but out of the current lot. I like Kelly, because I have the most fun reading any scene he is in. He is just a ridiculous character that spews ignorance in a funny way, to me at least.