Hunter SKY (WIP) - Seeking Feedback

With all due respect no one was forcing you to do anything mate. You asked a question and he answered you. I am sorry that you may have been disappointed by the lack of romance options but this is only my first game.

As well, everyone here has the freedom to say whatever they want. All opinions, critique and questions are welcome, however it is much advised that we try to be respectful even if we don’t agree with each other’s opinion.


No, i just put an open question about the romance in this game and someone replied. But why are these gatekeepers ganging up on me?


And with all due respect this same guy has been harrassing me on the Path of Martial Arts thread and it seems he followed me here. I can say positively that he is stalking me on which threads i reply on.


I understand your POV, but everyone here was trying to help you with your question in one way or another, not trying to gang up on you. The topic might have gone off track but no one was trying to objectify you for wanting a same sex romance. They were just saying how it has become a regular occurrence to see same sex stuff in a lot of games nowadays.

I have been quite inactive in this thread for a few so I was really glad to see others helping out and answer questions about the game from their experience


Thank you. I do have some awesome transformations prepared too.


I understand. That’s why i asked just to be safe. But here’s comes that same guy From Path of Martial Arts, mocking me and telling what to expect or not.

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so moving on
the game is wonderful i like the drawing out of the abilities and how it pertains to us being powerful but not yet the ‘chosen one’ who wins everything from birth


I’ve removed several off-topic and insulting posts.

Please focus on the WIP rather than other users, and if someone is breaking forum rules, flag rather than engaging.

Thank you.


The story really has that anime vibe, both in its world and character actions. I get why some folks might find it a tad annoying, but hey, that’s just anime and i love the vibe. There were a couple of things that got under my skin, though.

First off, our main character feels kind of stuck being the goody two-shoes. While I’m cool with that to an extent, I was hoping for a bit more freedom to shape the character.

Secondly, it feels like our MC is pushed into other characters’ stories rather than having their own spotlight. Like, when I picked a female MC, it felt weird how conversations often ignored her gender or made weak references to it. Kind of took away from the immersion, you know?

And hey, on a personal note, I’m not a fan of always being portrayed as the underdog. I get it’s for character growth, but there’s gotta be a more flavorful way to dish out those power-ups, right?

All said and done, though, big thanks for letting me dive into this masterpiece! It’s been quite the ride, and I’m grateful for the chance to experience it i will be waiting for updates always.
And hey, this is my first time giving feedback like this. I hope I didn’t come on too strong—it’s all just personal taste, you know? Here’s hoping it’s taken as a positive critique.


well, bro this is him first game and has a amazing quality, imagine what he can do with more experience in both choicescript and narrative. Just thinking about it excites me.


Just wanted to nitpick… Most games here don’t even differentiate between Male/Female Mcs. So… author already does a great job not following the “trend”.


Huh, I felt the complete opposite. As @Wolvenkrass mentioned, I rarely feel like I’m actually playing a female character in most of these games. In Hunter SKY, there is flavor text sprinkled all over and the characters react to you differently. Jirell’s reactions are the most notable examples of these flavor texts.


Maybe I wasn’t very clear about what I meant. In comparison to Lea, I felt like my character wasn’t always acknowledged as female in the same way. That’s why I focused on this matter, but if I had picked another example, it would have been better.

On a personal note, I know that games that mention your customization in the story are very rare, and I appreciate the author for that. However, I meant it in a way to make this part even better.


Oh, yeah, I understand now! I can agree with that, and there is potential for improvement there.


Happy evening to everyone.

Okay my schedule has finally lightened up a bit. I apologize for the wait but chapter eleven will finally be out sometime this week.

I’ve been reading your responses and have been collecting all of your helpful advices. I do try to make the differences visible for those playing different genders, but at the same time I see where you guys are right. It could do well to add more flavor text and alternate scene like that but it might make the process of completion span a bit longer. I plan to release the game this year so stay tuned for more updates until the big release.

Also I won’t add all your recommendations or advices until after the demo is finished. When the game goes up you guys will see new features, scenes and your very own advice in action.


Would you please add more save slots?

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yknow some of the deaths feel a little cheap,especially the simon says bit where you have to follow the path

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Love how the book is going,the length and the characters so far.
Few suggestions I want to make since the mc is going to begin training that is going to increase their stats are;
You can make there be a check during the battles instead of the random options be the option for the mc not to take damage.
I literally had to load saves 100+ times during my playthrough to prevent taking damage.
I understand the game is still in the early stages and we can’t really change the stats significantly but I hope the stats begin to mean more in the game.
This also applies to the non combat stats too.
You could make a intelligent mc have hints in the questions that are given to us to answer and whether you implement the stat checks or not, you could allow a battle iq mc to get hints on options they could take in battle depending on how high their battle iq stats are.


Also would recommend adding a sort of description in the prologue that allows the mc to pick which stats they want to be their best in so they can use that as their ways of winning battles.
Another suggestion, though I think this should be implemented later,is allowing the mc to use weaker skills of their power or reduce the amount of natural energy they want to put into an attack.
And a question?
Do all powers have counters or is it only a couple of them?
Is the transformation going to be with a separate character or just something the mc can do on their own?
What is the ratio of chikara to the main population?
Can our amount of natural energy increase/the energy we use decrease?
Was our dad a chikara too?
Was Jirells transformation another power entirely or a transformation?
Why does sir Gale have control over 5 elements?
Is there going to be a market or exchange in game?