HR: Black Magic

Just being curious here…
Which celebrity did you guys name when you had to describe how Black Magic looks like? Or did you even like the idea of making them a celebrity lookalike?

On my first playthrough I put in Halle Berrys name. On the second playthrough tho since I don’t really feel comfortable with using real peoples names in my games I used my moviestar MC from ZE:SH for this.

Edit: I realized something just now. Making “Black” Magic as Halle Berrys lookalike could be interpreted as a racial joke or whatever, now to make that clear: Did you guys see the X-men movies? I loved her performance there and that’s why her name was the first to pop into my mind when I had to describe a superhero.
Sorry if I’m overthinking things but on the internet I try to be rather cautious.


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