Your dream cast for choice games!

Who would play your MC and the NPCs in your favorite official or Hosted games or WIPs?

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Im a bit confused with the question you are asking…

I think he means like I’d love Dwane the Rock Johnson to play my brawler character in Tin Star

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Heroes rise my MC played by Ellen page and Black Magic played by Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron as Prodigal.

Oh gosh. My brain would fry if I tried to cast the entire Heroes Rise roster, so I’ll just stick to my MC and his RO. So, my faceclaim for my MC would be Lukasz Zieba while his RO, Black Magic, is the ever lovely Sebastian Stan.

Hm, I can vaguely remember a similar thread to this, oh well.

I used to have certain people in mind but it just has been such a long time since I played any of the CoG’s and Hosted Games.
Who would play the MC… Well, either me, or an actor who looks like me I guess.

This reminds me of how I always chose to make Black Magic “a dead ringer for a Pomeranian”. :smiley: