How To See Other Games' Code (current info posted in OP and Post 146 on 6/18/19)

Not that I’m aware of. But you can always send your iTunes receipt to support AT choiceofgames and we’ll credit you on our webstore, and then you can see it there.

@jasonstevanhill could I send a screenshot of the game after the demo? I trashed the receipt a long time ago.

Does it really work? Anyone tried it?

@jasonstevanhill What details do I need to provide to be credited(besides the receipt)? Forum username?

Don’t need your forum username. Do need the email account that you used to create your webstore account. Presumably it’s the same as the one you’re using to email us, but YMMV.

@jasonstevanhill So…webstore account is the account on which you buy games on the webstore? App Store? The one on your forum account?

That you use to buy the games on the webstore.

For example, go to and click “Restore Purchases” at the bottom of the page. There will be prompts to create a webstore account. We need to know what email you use to create that account.

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Thanks! (+characters) Sent the emails, ignore the first two that I sent way earlier because I didn’t include my account name.

Sorry for the thread necro, just bought Sabres and Guns of infinity on Steam (already have them on iOS)… anyone know if I can do code-diving on these versions? Can’t find the files.

Send your apple receipt to support AT choiceofgames DOT com

How can we see the code in the Android version ?

The apk file can be opened up by any application that can read a zip file.


sorry if I missed it but how do you do it for a dashingdon game?

I just checked a couple of dashingdon-hosted games, and their urls both ended in “/mygame”.

When I added “scenes/startup.txt” to the end of the url, it gave me the code for the startup.txt file – and that of course contains the other scene names, per the original post in this thread.

If that doesn’t work for the game you want to look at, it might be because it’s been compiled; and there’s a way to check the code for compiled games too, though one I’ve not personally used.

Failing that… PM the author and ask.


Thanks @Havenstone I thought I tried this but I probably screwed it up somehow, it works.

Hey guys, I am a little confused on how to do this for hosted games like sabres/guns of infinity.

I am on my PC with windows 7. Thanks!

If you own the game on the website

I tried doing this for some of the WIPs, but it only worked for the startup scenes and not for any of the others. I kept getting this:

What am I doing wrong? Thanks!


Your quote marks around intro are stylised, just delete and retype them.

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How about games that are owned by choice of games like heroes rise? I tried the following:
And I get page not found.
Could not find scene.