How To See Other Games' Code (current info posted in OP and Post 146 on 6/18/19)

Scenes is not the same as scenes.
.text is not the same as .txt



Hi, sorry for necro’ing, but someone up there mentioned to be possible to ser the apk file on android with a zip reader, but I can’t, for the sake of me, find the apk, so could Simeone pleeeease Tell me where to find it? Thanks a lot

Sorry Apolo, I don’t have Android, so I’m not sure.

The threat of losing WIPs because of Dropbox’s new html restriction has prompted me to finally check out some older WIPs. Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster by @Vendetta is well regarded, and so far I’m quite enjoying it. Before I knew about the possibility of seeing code, I would often restart a game when what the author meant by a choice wasn’t what I was expecting. I don’t like peeking ahead in the code on my first playthrough, but sometimes I want to “stick my finger in the page” before choosing an option, to see what might have gone differently.

I’d love to see Vendetta’s code, but doesn’t work. Since it’s an older WIP, I tried and got a two line page referring to SceneNavigator and “startup”. This seems like scenes/startup.txt should work, so I’m not sure what’s wrong. (It doesn’t seem like a compiled game, but I tried opening the console when at the index.html page and typing in allScenes[“startup”].lines.join("\n"); and I got Uncaught ReferenceError: allScenes is not defined.)

Glutton for punishment much? :smiley: The online demo is now so old that it’s as much an exercise in how not to do things as anything… but I suppose that in itself serves a purpose! Feel free to take a peek. There’s no black magic involved, it simply uses a slightly different folder name to keep things separate (and back then, I wanted playtesters to actually play the game as intended, not cheat! - it did help with that to some extent, as you’ve discovered… :smile_cat:).


Edit: Posting this again here (originally posted on the Samurai of Hyuga Book 2 thread, not sure if this exact info is mentioned here.)

If you are on a mac using steam, you can navigate to the game (show in finder), right click, “Show Package Contents” then contents>resources>deploy>scenes then you can open any of the chapters in a basic text editor. Open the TXT files to view, and the JSON files to edit the game. If you find something in the game you want to edit while playing you find the same lines in the json file edit them, then close and open the game for the changes. You have to do it before the code fires, so before you make the choice that would use that code you are editing.

On a PC I think you have to extract the game first from the exe, then its pretty much the same thing, but if you want to make changes you have to run the extracted copy through a browser like firefox, not the original game through steam, since you cannot alter the original on a pc without a lot of fuss.

EDIT: That is for Steam, if on google chrome on a mac you just navigate to the app’s folder in library (might be hidden folder) >application support>google>chrome>default>extensions> then find the folder that has the game, then it is the same as above just find the scenes folder. I’m not sure for google chrome on a pc.

If you want to edit things

If you want to edit things, not just look at the outcome of choices, you have to be careful. You can easily break the game if you don’t know what you are doing, for example the game might rely on a check of a skill between 10 and 20 (something like “if skill > 10 and < 20”), since at that point in the game the max skill you could get would be under 20, and you put your starting skill in startup to 50 you are going to break things, unless you change the skill check to equal or greater than 10. Usually if a game is coded well then they don’t put upper limits on things so its harder to break, but keep in mind what you are editing, and how you are editing things. And don’t add extra code lines, so if a choice doesn’t have any reward/stat change and you add one, you will break things. You can however just change rewards/stat changes that already exist. It is easier to do all your stat changes in the startup file and opening prologue/chapter 1 since they usually set things up quickly. I usually change the default names list so my name that I want to use is the first choice, and I don’t have to re enter my name each time I restart.

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Link to Dashingdon’s explanation of how to see code on


Hey! I recently bought the game Congresswolf directly from CoG and was wondering how to look at the games (premium) code? I’ve tried adding /scenes/startup.txt and that all works just fine up until the content locked be the $. I’ve purchased the game, but cannot seem to take a peek at the code for any scene past the trial version. Can anyone help me out?

TL;DR version:
Have Congresswolf purchased; premium content in the /scenes/ still locked by the $, and typing in the 4th to last scene results in “scene not found”. Any ideas?

Does work for you?

Nope. That and any scene not in the free version. I can PLAY the other scenes, but I can’t view the code.

I was just checking in case you had typed the link wrong.

Would probably need to ask @RETowers @jasonstevanhill @dfabulich if it’s still possible or if the website hasbeen changed so we can’t read the code.

Ah. In case this matters, when I do go to that link, the notification says “not registered”. not sure if this changes anything or not…

Is there any other way to look at the code, either through steam or the app store? I’m not opposed to purchasing the game twice, if need be. TBH, I find the games (or interactive novels, as I look at them) to be underpriced, and often purchase my favourite games on multiple platforms anyway, and Congresswolf, while not my all time favourite, is certainly good enough to warrant a few purchases.

In my experience, sometimes the computer “forgets” that I’m logged in and I have to do it over. In case this helps, you might try going back to the main page of Congresswolf and clicking “restore purchases” to log back in and then see if the code is then visible.

I hope this helps… if not, then I guess it’s a different problem.


To view on Steam you need to use an unzipper. I use 7-Zip. There’s instructions somewhere on how to do it. I’ll see if I can dig them up.

I used to buy on Chrome so I could view the code there, but I think the Chrome Store’s been discontinued. :frowning:

To view the code files in Steam.

For Heroes Rise I opened up 7-Zip. I browsed to:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\HeroesRiseHeroFall\

I right-clicked on HeroesRiseHeroFall.exe and selected open inside

browsed to \scenes\ and the files are there.


Thanks, FairyGodFeather and TSSL. I solved the problem by opening up CoG in FireFox instead of in Chrome, as I have a lot of different extensions on Chrome that might be interfering with this issue. I can view all premium content.

P.S. Thanks for the fast response, @FairyGodfeather. I will also keep in mind your “trick” for seeing code using steam. Again, thank you for the help. :wink:


As a note, the “not registered” screen indicates that your not signed in. (Sometimes it helps to sign out and back in.)

Hi i also bought the game on steam and i tried to access the code according to your description. So i opened sbres.exe with winrar and browsed to scenes. But when i choose a scene it says either the format of the archives is unknown or the files are damaged. The game wirks so i think it has to do something wit the files format but i do not know what. They are simple txt files.

Which game did you buy?

looks like they bought Sabres of Infinity - based on: [quote=“Sinan, post:80, topic:1328”]

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@Eiwynn OH! I assumed that was an acronym of some sort. Do you also own sabres of infinity on steam?