Is it possible for someone to show me an example of a finished startup.txt file?

Sorry for asking about something like this. I’m more of a visual learner. If I can SEE it, I can usually do it. I’ve read all of the easily available guides (hannahps and fairygodfeather are amazing) and the wiki but I’m still just hitting a mental roadblock. I’m also trying out CSIDE for the first time and it’s pretty cool!

This is simple stuff, names, genders, appearances. I’m struggling so hard here it’s kind of pathetic. I’ve been trying to write this game with choicescript for over two years now. I’ll begin, learn a bit about the coding, and then get discouraged and quit for a few months, having to relearn everything again when I try again.

But I DO try again. Because I want to write this game so bad.

I don’t mean to offend anyone if this is in anyway offensive. Just seeing one variable by itself just isn’t sticking with my brain for some reason. Every ‘simple’ startup.txt is TOO simple for me to understand.

If anyone would be so kind to show me their simple variables I would be VERY appreciative. Please help me.

Is a guide on how to look at the code for choicescript games published on the website. For pretty much any game, the startup file is part of the demo content, so you should be able to see the startup file of any published game.

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Oh my god thank you SO MUCH. This is exactly what I needed.

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There’s also examples on the main site under the “make your own games” tab.

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