How To See Other Games' Code (current info posted in OP and Post 146 on 6/18/19)

That’s not a ChoiceScript game, none of the stuff on this forum will help you with that.

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Is your problem that the games no longer work?

Have you tried moving the folder back where you moved it from?

Have you tried uninstalling and then redownloading everything?

Yes, yes and yes.

I ended up signing out of my google account and back in, and reinstalled everything. I am still missing some files but the games now work. As you can see in one of the screenshots, the .Json files text documents are missing.

The only issue is that now “The Hero Project” and “Zombie Exodus” aren’t downloading and google wants me to pay for them again. Though i’m pretty sure this isn’t an issue that CoG can help with.

Consider this issue mostly solved. I have enough money to purchase the games again.

Did you definitely own those games on that account? (Can you check your email for receipts?)

That seems really odd that the documents are missing. I’d try uninstalling and reinstalling all the files again.

Yes. It’s the exact same account. I checked for receipts but I don’t even have all the ones for the games I have now. Like I said, it’s not a big deal to me.

I created another user on the computer and logged onto Chrome from that account. That seems to have fixed everything (save the missing games) but only for that user. Which is fine. I don’t mind switching users to play a game.


This can be found in you’re google wallet account. It’s very detailed, as in it will list all the things you’ve bought with the google account. Mine dates back to when I made my first purchase in 2010.

I hope this was able to help you somehow. Maybe take some screen shots of your receipts and send them in?

Note - this will also show items you have cancelled/refunded.

Awesome post, thanks guys.

I actually have been doing the method described by the OP and FairyGodFeather for some time now but lately every scene in the startup.txt that begins with $ won’t load for me.

For example;

In here if you see the scenes list, the scene “childhood” will load for me when “startup” is replaced in the url. But the rest of the scenes begin with a , like the scene " sheepguard".

If I replace startup with sheepguard I get taken to a page where it says “error: not registered” or if i try sheepguard or even _sheepguard I get a page that says “error: couldn’t find scene”.

How come?

That’s because the $ symbol designates content you have to pay for, in your specific example both ‘startup.txt’ and ‘childhood.txt’ are part of the free trial. Without buying the game you can’t access the rest of the scenes.

It’s to prevent people from using this method to get games they haven’t paid for.

Oh that explains why it worked for me last night on my computer but not today on my mobile phone!!

Thank you!

I do have The Lost Heir purchased, where in the url can I have it recognize my purchase? Because I do believe I am properly logged in to choicegames from my computer and my mobile phone but it doesn’t seem to recognize I have it purchased from my mobile phone?

Fyi, I have it purchased from the website, via “Play Online” as opposed to steam or Chrome apps. (But I do use chrome BROWSER for my computer but not my mobile android phone, idk if that means anything)

@TheKid90 If you own the game you only need to be logged in. Note that the “$” is not part of the scene name, you should just write “sheepguard”.

Awesome thanks, it works now.

I was always logged in, however on my phone I opened a new tab and manually put in the url and it didn’t work.

What did work was me opening the game and jen altering the url on that games tab to sheepguard.txt and NOW it works

Thanks so much guys!


How do you get the site to recognize you purchased a game if you got it on the App Store and are trying to see the code online? (The game, in question, is A Study In Steampunk)

Bumpin’ the thread. (Just one more damn character till limit)

I don’t think you can. You can still see the code in Chrome if you’re willing to do a little diving in your C drive, though.

Sure. (+characterlimit)

Mind telling me how?


C:/Users/(name of your account)/AppData/Local/Google/Chrome/UserData/Default/Extentions

From there you can tell which is which by comparing to the URL of the game in the app store. For example:

h.ttps:// glfkajjknjmpgaekghpaeaaapficmfap ?utm_source=chrome-app-launcher

^ A Study in Steampunk

Look for the bolded letters in the Extensions file. Then just go to the scenes folder and voilà.

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@Sneaks What account?

The account is your username on your computer of choice.

Also, if you’re using Windows, you might have to make hidden files visible before you can see the folders in question.

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@jasonstevanhill Is there any way to view the code if you purchase the game on the Apple App Store?