How to open a .js file on an android

Been really sick last few days, just starting to recover. Was hoping to work on my files on my phone so do not have to get up and dig out the laptop. I can open and mod. my .txt files just fine. But can not open .js files, and have not found and apps or progarms for my phone that will allow me to do this. Anybody have any ideas. Thanks.

If you have your files on dropbox, I’d recommend getting the dropbox app, and a plain text exiting app like Qute. I don’t think that the Android version of dropbox lets you edit .js files, but opening it with an external app should fix that problem.

I don’t have an Android myself, but this works on iDevices just fine.

Your right, I use dropbox to edit my .txt files. However it will not open .js files. Have not found app to do so yet.

I use droidedit free dropbox app gives you a list of apps on your mobile that can open the file.

Thanks nice program, but to work with dropbox have to pay for full program. I was hoping I could find free program. But if all else fails can buy the program.

I use Jota Text Editor, it even has some basic syntax highlighting :slight_smile:

It was free as far as I recall, has a find function etc.

Thank you that did the trick. Of course now the meds are making me sleepy again. So will get some more sleep then start working again.


you can get a free version with ads that’s what I got

If their not the files in use, you can always just rename them to txt files, then change them back when you upload them for use.

Jota works great, tried to rename as txt. All it would do is name.txt.js lol. so I am good for now. So back to the real wrold job today and write tonight.