Help! Can you code on your smart phone?

My laptop broke and i can’t code :confused: can i use my smart phone to code?

Dude I can’t even type on my smart phone D:

If your phone has a word editor i’m sure you can code in it. I use my phone to write small scenes that come to my mind sometimes. If I can’t be bothered to turn on the pc or if I’m away I code entire scenes using the phone. It’s frustrating but can be done.

yes you can i only use smart phone to code

Sure. You just need a plain text editor on your phone. Also, the Dropbox app is very handy when your editor includes Dropbox integration. :slight_smile:

So i got a text editor now what??? I m so confused…

i have to do a guide how to code in a smart phone well you has to use a file manager editor and download choice script extract it and use the file manager to open choice script you has to add your code make in a text editor in the game scene folder

If I may make a suggestion. In addition to using DropBox to access you’re important files, see if your local public library has internet computers you can use. I’ve only lived in 2 different places my whole life, but both times this has been the case.

well code need tons of time also in my country public pc don’t allow totally freedom to install download programs so you can’t use choice script use your smart phone is easy and practical when you get used to you don’t need a pc

I got all that, just confused on that last part.

you have to open your file manager and search the folder where you have extracted your choicescript open it searching for the web folder inside it searching for my game folder inside it there is the scene folder drop your code there use the wiki aid for deal with code the rest is same with pc except we can’t do the automatic test but you could try your game offline open your index.html you have to enable javascrip first if you haven’t it already.

I don’t think trying to code on a smartphone is advisable.

@jasonstevanhill its not but if you don’t have another way then its better than nothing its not difficult and really its more easy than it seems dropbox run smoothly with phones we have text editor like iota and free and really similar to pc ones and choicescript works perfectly in smart phones i never have any issue

@Marajade it said I needed java, but I think I already have it. So how do I enable it?

@GrimReaper21 depends of your smartphone search in the phone setting but if you say you already have activated it the problem is your text editor or manager i use file manager for android its free and really easy to use go to the web folder and open index.html with their html reader its the one with the folder icon it works perfectly because its the one i use.

@marajade it just keeps loading… :(( I feel so dumb…

yeah damn phones. Well first you open the index in the my game folder? the others not work.
There appear a error java is not active? Maybe you haven’t correctly activated Java i had that problem at first it was only partially activated Java
I had to change my phone settings to work. Also Firefox has a good app. Pm me with your phone info

My phone is a ZIE boostmobile and this what it says when I open it:

This game requires JavaScript; please enable JavaScript and refresh this page.

If you can't get the game to work, please write to us at


Im not expert i fixed mine search in internet how activate java. it changes in each model and android for yours in your mobile company page on internet. My tablet was ultra easy of fix. Was enter in a setting menu and choose allows java but for you could it be different. If you can why just do a drop box link only for you and test your files there until you figure how fixed java? but probably your solution is just choose allow java un some menu