Using Choicescript on an Android phone


To edit Choicescript files on an Android phone:

  • Download Dropbox’s mobile app, enable the public folder on Dropbox’s website, then use the app to link the account to your phone.

  • Download the All Download app from the Google Play store obtain the latest Choicescript zip file. Use the Winzip app, also in the play store, to unzip it to a folder on your SD. card.

  • Download Dropsync from the play store and use it to link. your sd folder to your public Dropbox. folder.

  • Download Androidedit from the play store. It works like Notepad++, but for your phone.

  • Use Dropsync to upload updates and run the index.html file like you would normally.

All apps are free.

Android Problems

I can’t find the Androidedit app.


Sorry, Droid Edit:


Thank you!


Do I get to beta test any of your resulting endeavors?


Were do I get the latest choicescript x



Do you mean on your phone or in general? To get it you can download it from here:

Direct Link:


thanks x