How to be nice to the vicar?

I have played this many times and yet when I am a child of West and I decide to move further up the Mississipi I can never be nice to the first new vicar. No matter how religious I am or how compassionate it never works. Does anyone know how to solve this? Please it’s driving me crazy!! :stuck_out_tongue:

It never works because he’s a fanatic and a nutcase, and because you need to face an actual threat from the Church at some point to get yourself turfed out. So you’ve got to have a fight with this guy first.

I thought that was the second one…

The second one isn’t a fanatic, he’s a faithful hero who thinks that you’re…well, a vampire ruling over an isolated village.

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Hehe okay I understand you now. But it’s weird because there is an option to go and introduce yourself to the vicar and to ask him to hold sn evening mass but I can never seem to get them.

You need low Superstition.

But even if you visit him, he still starts trouble.

Thanks it was bugging me. :slight_smile:

One thing that bugs me is that my native, who believes in a different religion, is still affected by the cross. Surely, if he doesn’t believe it works, like the atheist, the cross should have no effect upon him?

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@Wyrmspawn Not sure how much Jason is influenced by VtM/VtR (there are some significant signs of influence), but in VtM/VtR it’s based on how much the wielder believes in it.

@Wyrmspawn that bug has been fixed for the next release, and has long been live in the beta.

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