How does one change their name here?

Because you shouldn’t share your personal information so freely.

Username: Ask a mod.
Name: Click on your pic and then on the cog. You can edit your profile.

How does one ask a mod?

Send them a message? I’m going by second hand info there.
So private message one or @ moderators.

And how does one send a private message I don’t see that button.

Click on their pic. There’s a message option.

There’s also one on your pic’s menu. Though that one’s an actual letter icon.

Probably requires a certain level of membership. Maybe I should just @moderators

I didn’t consider that, sorry if it’s a mistake on my part.

No problem thanks for trying :slight_smile:

What do you want your name changed to?

Although, please don’t use the @ moderators tag for things like this in the future. It notifies everyone with elevated privileges, including the CoG admins/staff.

You can find a list of mods here:

And staff:

Please prefer PMing one or two of us over making threads and using @ moderators.


I would prefer my Xbox/steam username Jeruspi that way people can get in touch with me if they want off site but my Facebook account won’t have people looking me up.

Sorry I didn’t know how to use PM’s

To send a PM: Click on your picture that’s up on the upper right side (Next to where the 3 lines and the search tool is.) Click on the envelope. Click on new message and you’re set.


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You should have a “New message” button (in blue) above inbox, sent, archive on the left side. (If it’s not there I’m not sure what’s happening with your account.) Another way to find it, is just click on your picture and it should come up as a new message button on the right upper side.

They might not have been active enough for pms?

Not sure, I thought once you were out of new member status you could send them? But maybe it reverts if you’re inactive for a while.

This looks solved, yes? Ok.