How do opposed pairs work?

So I have no clue how opposite pairs work from my attempts it doesn’t work like other stat. could someone give a hand with increasing one of the two sides? is there a command or something I’m missing?

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It should work basically the same? Opposed pair is basically giving a name to either extreme of your stat.

So if you have

  opposed_pair subtle

as an opposed pair on your stats page, then your left side (red) is Subtle and and your right side (blue) is Flashy.


*set subtle +10

will increase the first stat (more red/higher subtle), while

*set subtle -10

will increase the second stat (more blue/more flashy).


So say you have an opposed stat: Compassion vs. Ruthlessness.

You would only create one of those variables in the startup.txt: say *create compassion 50
Which would make compassion and ruthlessness equal to each other.

If you wanted compassion to increase (and ruthlessness to decrease) all you would need to do is *set compassion +10 or %+10 (if you’re using fairmath).

If you wanted ruthlessness to increase and compassion to decrease, you would *set compassion -10 or %-10.

Hope that makes sense!


Excelent thanks fellows, I see where I went wrong. Thank you for the help

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