How did you feel when it was all over?


HP Redemption Season has its own thread, and in depth discussion for it should probably be kept over there


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The original trilogy I give a 5.5

Redemption season I give a -3.


Let’s get this back on track guys.

Honestly I wasn’t too sad when I finished it my first time, I pretty much instantly replayed it to try to romance Jury but I did think I got a little misty-eyed when it talking about my MC being content and happy with their family and loved ones by their side…

Especially Gran because god dang Gran deserves to be happy! And Black Magic going to redeem themselves, I was honestly pretty proud of them. The original Trilogy had a good ending for the MC’s origin story but I would’ve loved to have more. I always wonder what it would be like to play as the leader of the Millennial Group or whatever ending you get.

(Should I put spoilers on this?? I’m honestly not sure :0)


I was just happy that Gran was happy. I honestly couldnt care less about the rest of them.


There is nothin better then romancing your archenemy especialy if she tried to kill you multiple times…