How can I see who's liked my post if it's over 200 likes?

Bit of an odd question, but hear me out.

I have a bit of a habit where I like to go through the little profile pictures of everyone who’s liked my WIP and say out loud, “Thank you, [username]!”

But now that my WIP has accumulated over 200 likes, it just says something like, "…and [number] others liked this.’

It’s not really an issue, but I’d just like to indulge in this little amount of dopamine, so is there any way I can extend the list or see it in any other way? No worries if it can’t be helped. :blush:


A+ humblebrag. :wink:


click on the :heart:

Yes, when I press on the :heart:, that’s when it shows up.

It looks like this:

And I can’t for the life of me figure out how to see those 32 others…


guess we will never know :sweat_smile:


“Thank you, liker #245!”


Liker#245: Aw don’t mention it, it was no-…
Liker#246: Stop hogging the spotlight! I’m next!
Liker#245: I wasn’t! I was just thanking her for Thanking me!
Liker#246: Liar! You just want all the attention!
Leinco: Thank you, liker #246! :heart:
Liker#245: No I don’t! There is nothing wrong with saying thank you back, Dork!
Liker#246: Dork?! Well if I’m a Dork, you are a butt-kisser!
Liker#245: You take that back!
Liker#246: Yes you are!
Liker#247: guys! Stop it! I’m next!
Liker#246: No you are not! Its me who is next!
Liker#247: b-but she-…
Liker#245: You shouldn’t have a turn! You just be rude to her and I won’t let you!
Liker#246: You just jealous because she liked my comment and you forgot to leave her one! So I get 2 Thank you Loser!
Liker#245: I’m waiting for the next update to leave her a Huge comment you Dork! You just left her a One line! Cheapskate!
Liker#246: It’s called a Comment Loser, not a Thesis! You just showing off!
Leinco: Thank you, Liker #247! I also Loved your comment! Warmed my heart to know you loved my last update! :heart:
Liker#245: :scream:
Liker#246: :unamused: Let’s get him!
Liker#247: :running_man:

@Havenstone Look what thou have unleashed now :rofl: