How are the views counted in threads?

Well, it’s a vital stat to know the popularity of a thread.
Any attractive heading would fetch some visits. But with no engaging content, users just abandon the thread after reading only a few posts.
So I think, the view count matters.

If a thread has 3 users and 4 posts(1 starting post + 3 more replies),
but 8 users(including the 3 who have their replies posted) visited the thread.

5 visitors read all the 4 replies. One among them visited the thread twice.
Rest 3 visitors each read only 2 number of replies.

Then what would be the number of views for that thread?

Which among these is true?

8 users * 4 posts=32 views.(this seems nonsense)

5 users * 4 posts=20, & 3 users * 2 posts= 6 views. Making it 26 views.

Or is it equal to the total number of views, not excluding the redundant visits,
4 users* 4 posts= 16
1user of two visits, 2*4 posts=8
3 users *2 posts=6
Total= 30 visits.

Or anything else?

Would my view of my own post be considered as a new view?

I am being insane.

If you understand my understandings and know the logic, then reply.
Else do yourself a favour. Don’t overstress your mind, please.

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I think the views are counted per unique visitor. Repeated views aren’t counted. IDK if the number includes non-registered visitors, though.

I’m pretty sure it’s visits, though I can’t say for sure about unique or not; both are possible and it could be unique vists within a day.

From a technical perspective it’s easiest to increment the counter when the page is loaded, so given that it doesn’t give a per-post breakdown I expect it’s visits.

This thread reminds me of the Grandmaster in the Team Darryl short.