Redundant Badges?


So I recently received two badges. One being the “Thank you” badge and the other being the “Appreciated” badge.

A person receives the “Thank you” badge when they have 20 liked posts.
A person receives the “Appreciated” badge when they have at least 1 like on 20 posts.

Are these different and I’m just missing something?


I’m lost too. (+characters)


I’d have to check the specs (and I’m 99% sure that only admin has privileges for that), but they are different:

[quote]Thank You has been given 266 times
Appreciated has been given 271 times[/quote]
My guess is Thank You: Info should read “Has liked at least 20 posts” as opposed to “Has at least 20 liked posts” (and a quick comparative analysis seems to indicate as such as one of the discrepancies between the two lists fits that exactly). (Looks like both badges were new to Discourse in general, so I’ll put a post over there about it in a bit if I remember).


@Reaperoa alright thank you. I guess I just got both at the same time.


Yea, 'cause they’re both new badges, so all 500+ of them (counting both) were given out at once for anyone that qualified (check the time stamps).


@Reaperoa wait they added 500+ badges two hours ago?


No, 500+ of those badges were received by people who had met the requirements to receive them.


@TheTrueKing makes sense thx! (guess I’m still a noob :yum:)


I luv! Badges! :blush: keep em coming! :wink:


I think that this might explain stuff, but I’m not sure.

EDIT: Fixed it.


Does anyone know the maximum number of likes a day?

Am I the only one who treats Badges like Achievements, and try and get them all?