Why can't there be more than one thread about a certain topic?

I don’t mind it all, I was wondering what happens if there were no closed discussions or threads? Like what’s bad about it? (Not sure if I asked the question right haha)

Because it divides the comments into two, instead of having them all in one place. Basically it could prevent people from seeing valuable comments, and clutter up the forum.

@Samuel_H_Young ohhh okay I get it, thanks :slight_smile:

Simple answer: It’s to reduce clutter.

More involved answer: As Sam said, it splits the comments, which can cause derailing conversations, and other ‘funky’ things that ultimately have some negatives, without any significant positives. It also just adds more content for the mods to go over without any real new thoughts being encouraged.

In addition to that, expanding on the idea of clutter, you’ll notice that Vanilla (the forum software CoG uses) has the linear top to bottom list of conversations. Having multiple conversations titled the same (or very similar), particularly when they are pulled up at the same time, just looks bad (and yes, appearances are important in such a case).

Plus when talking specifically about coding, there’s also the idea that we want to, as much as possible, keep everything together where it can easily be found (both by people that have been here for a while, and those that have not used the forums before), for I think obvious reasons. This makes it important to encourage keeping with fewer threads for coding discussions, and as other discussions have nothing really to gain by being split up as such, it’s a good idea to just encourage doing so universally.