Attracting more attention and more readers to your WIP

I’m on chapter three of my WIP “Father of Evolution” and yet there are few comments and few likes. It hasn’t garnered much attention what have I done wrong? How do I attract more people? Does my writing suck?

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I think some people are attracted to titles alone. Sad, but I admittedly have done it also. Though, some wips end up as abandoned, so some might stick to the larger projects…


I’m gonna give you some advice that someone gave me on my old WIP, don’t worry about how good your writing is, or if there are spelling mistakes, just try to finish your story then go back and edit what needs to be edited. (Dunno if this is good advice)


Well, from my own experience

  1. The popularity of the author itself . Results in “crowded” WIP topic (leers at @Sophia and @IronRaptor) :eyes:
  2. The quality of the writing . Results in not so talkative reader, but I can assure you that they’ll be your loyal fanbase.
  3. The update rate of the WIP itself. The more often you update, the longer your thread stays at the top 10. People will more likely to see your thread.

But don’t worry about such things :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t4:
If you’re really looking for consistent and valuable feedback, I’d recommend closed or private testing.

That being said, there’s nothing wrong with public or closed testing. It’s just the matter of your preference (and perseverance :fist:t4:)


Honestly i will take any advice i can get i have about ten people on my thread but then again mine is in early stages

The success and attention that a WIP might get depends on yes, how attractive the concept of the WIP is and the general quality of the writing, but is also worth mentioning that is also a matter of luck and circunstances that are outside of your control, there are too many WIPs for any member to keep track of all of them and that might mean that some members are actually missing some great content, but it also something kind of inevitable.

Also, you don’t seem to be that active on the forum yet. An advice that I can give you is: try to be more active in the community, express your opinions in other threads, give feedback to other forum members, eventually people will know more about you and might feel more interested about the things that you are working on.


Hey, I’ve tried my best to curtail the madness. However, I do like the discussions on science, characters and other concepts in my world. The activity gets people interested in the world, so to speak.

I will agree with to an extent with @szaal, I love the Infinity series, however I’m so far behind in that thread, there’s no way I’ll be able to slog through all of those posts.


Hey, I wasn’t popular when I released my Kingdoms WiP. :neutral_face:


Yeah you just fake spoilers and encourage RO wars xD


Yeah, remember when your WIP didn’t have like 1500 new replies every day? I was actually one of the first people to get interested in it.

So what was the trick @Sophia, did you make a pact with the devil or is just an inevitable consequence of encouraging shipping wars among the fans?


Um… My everday update before? It keeps people coming back everyday to see the next update.

(And why the hell would I see the devil?)

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when see there new wip people going to visit it to know what it is about, reading the first post going to take few minutes which is enough to turn on notification. Kingdoms reply become increase because of RO wars which makes people curious, why would it’s have many reply? So they check it out and take interest to try it. @Sophia also used to update every day, that also add point :thinking: (didn’t really help that her profile is like that)

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I think the most obvious and most prevalent ways to get lots of readers and comments on your WIP are a good story, good characters, and good writing. When I started writing HGs, I was 17, and I struggled to make WIPs that attracted people because I was still getting the hang of a good writing style and the ability to make gripping, likeable characters. The betas for my finished HGs, Trial of the Demon Hunter, Captive of Fortune, and Foundation of Nightmares got almost no attention.

However, after writing those three titles, I feel like I’ve gotten a good hang on creating more interesting and three dimensional characters, and I think that has made a huge difference because my WIP, The Magician’s Task, currently only has an 18k word demo but it has more likes, views, and comments than any of my other complete betas. It also doesn’t hurt that I’ve been employing lots of humor, which people seem to enjoy a lot.


Oh, yeah I really forgot about that, a lot of things have changed since you started working on it. Keeping the work so active is an important factor as well.

Pun intended?
Sorry, it was a dumb joke, I didn’t mean to annoy you.

Do what @Sophia did, accidentally start Shipping WW3. That’ll bring in the numbers. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It didn’t annoy me haha. :sweat_smile: I forgot to put an emoji in my reply to you.

Some advice based in my thread. :slight_smile:

  • Create interesting or eye-catching characters that can be remembered by others through their characteristics.

  • Have a planned out history of your story.

  • Have surprising plot twists. :wink:

  • Be active in updates.

  • Entertain your fans.


I think that wars was…A joint work

A lot of the comments on popular posts are about something off topic or some war about murdering a character like in Kingdoms or From Ashes We Rise. New comments move your topic to top where more people are likely to look at and comment on it which creates a cycle of a lot of topics at once. If someone loved your game or wants to offer improvements and it has been more than 2 weeks since anyone has last posted on a wip, no one else is allowed to comment. I think one of the most important factors is luck.

The title is important. Father could indicate gender locked male and evolution seems more alien sci-fi or science/religious commentary than your game is ,maybe? Fantasy/hero seems to be the most popular genre, which yours does not seem to be that genre.

Characters are important. Have NPCs that some people hate and some love so there can be discussion about that. Have a customisable MC like in Guenevere where everyone can comment on their MC’s unique personality. Have something unique and special that makes your WIP memorable.

Maybe you posted too early and people read the topic (which stops alerting them of a new topic unless they read a lot of posts). They thought the idea was good and moved on to something else because there wasn’t enough content for a detailed review.


That didn’t exactly hurt @Sophia’s game, though, did it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: