Generating interest in others reading your (WIP)

Hello COG family!

So…aside from simply reading other writer’s works-in-progress and leaving helpful feedback, how do you all get more forum members to read more than just a few pages and/or to leave more in-depth feedback?

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You may want to refer to this article for details.


Thanks RockmanX. I read quite a bit of it. It is a very good discussion with a lot of different answers. I actually wish I read that thread before posting my (WIP) for the first time. For the record, I pick at random when I review a story. The review process is for the author, not the reader; and, I find it expands my writing pallet by exposing me to genres I would otherwise not read; and thus, the process helps me out too.

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I never write wip buy personally the thing that make me comment in wip is the wip need to have at last substantial writing like maybe 10 page if it’s only 1 or 3 page i can’t make impression of the story because it’s too short nothing to write about