Generating interest in others reading your (WIP)

Hello COG family!

So…aside from simply reading other writer’s works-in-progress and leaving helpful feedback, how do you all get more forum members to read more than just a few pages and/or to leave more in-depth feedback?

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You may want to refer to this article for details.


Thanks RockmanX. I read quite a bit of it. It is a very good discussion with a lot of different answers. I actually wish I read that thread before posting my (WIP) for the first time. For the record, I pick at random when I review a story. The review process is for the author, not the reader; and, I find it expands my writing pallet by exposing me to genres I would otherwise not read; and thus, the process helps me out too.

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I never write wip buy personally the thing that make me comment in wip is the wip need to have at last substantial writing like maybe 10 page if it’s only 1 or 3 page i can’t make impression of the story because it’s too short nothing to write about

I agree with that 100 percent. And, that is cool that you will review a WIP. It is a lot of work. I spent the greater portion of the past week just talking with people I know about reading and capturing interest. Being able to play on a phone was a big deal; and, as many pointed out with my initial game setup…putting in entries is more difficult on a phone. However, one person I talked with really liked the entries; so, making a bypass option was the way to go. However, this person also had an interesting thought about reading on the phone. She thought, perhaps, that just reading on the phone is distracting in and of itself. You can get a call, or a text, or an alert from 50 different apps. This could lend to people getting easily distracted from a reading game thus feeling like the game did not capture their interest without knowing that the phone is part of the problem. I think it is very important to have a game that can float on all the platforms; but, I thought it was an interesting idea.

On a side note, I have an English professor reading my story. She also just submitted a short story recently where they removed quite a bit of her commas. After talking with her, and others, we realized that using less commas in certain situations is the trend. So, it is important to remember that things like that change over time. Comma usage should not keep one from reading on in my opinion as it is subject to change. Now that I know this, I feel comfortable removing those types of commas even though I thought they were “correct”.

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