Should I already post it?

Hello I love this media and after reading a lot of the awesome novels and WIPs here I decided I want to write something myself. I tried learn somethings about writing (hellofutureme is a good youtuber with an awesome book for that BTW). I posted something in the interest check thread and I’m happy with the feedback I got. Now I have the problem that I’m in vacation and can’t write because I don’t have my PC. I don’t have very much to show but something is bothering me. I want to know whether I’m just self-conscious or if something is wrong with the way I write. But I’m anxious if I post to early the people who read it won’t like it and stop caring about it. I don’t want waste this opportunity because the first impression is the most important. So what do you think. Should I post it and use the feedback or should I figure it out on my own and don’t waste the first impression. The problem is the scene bothers me hard enough that I can’t write more.

TL:DR should I post the (4000 words) beginning to improve it or should I wait.


I vote to work on it some more.


I don’t know I was really anxious too When I released my WIP demo. It was too early. Maybe.But It made my anxiety go away as is already out. I recommend you if you are anxious Just go and don’t hide away and release it . With time If it is good, will attract people. And If you don’t try you will never know. So stop guessing and launch the demo! you will have your answers finally


My advice is to post your work when there’s enough content in it so people can give adequate feedback. Some WiPs managed it with only the prologue, some have to go beyond. Gauge it with your own feeling and common sense.


does that mean you can’t be present and fix error that may show up too ?

Because if you can’t, well…you may wanna wait till you can . If peoples try your WIP and encounter an error, that ruin that 1st impression worse if it isn’t fixed so they can keep testing and reading your WIP .

writing is difficult . And being hyped, eventually dwell down over time . But Updates always make peoples come back .

it’s important but not the MOST Important . The most important thing is how much YOU love your own work, to keep at it no matter how hard it is .

Urgh I know that feeling too well . It can totally ruin the inspiration and send you in a spiral of muh feeling .

well you can post it, get an idea and a feel and help with the ‘scene’ . And then after your vacation is over, hopefully you’ll have solved whatever issue and you can keep writing .


THIS. This, one hundred percent!

It’s kind of a cop-out for someone seeking concrete answers, but in my opinion the only real solution to your question is that you should post it when you feel ready. Some people want to share their writing right away, and other authors don’t post anything until they are finished with the beta. No one is obligated (nor should they feel obligated) to do anything that outpaces their level of comfort.


My honest recommendation is to post the entire prologue and first chapter when you first create the thread (or just the first chapter if you don’t have a prologue). It’s impossible for people to give feedback if you don’t have a ton of stuff to read. I usually don’t read WIPs until they have a full chapter up (I don’t count prologues in that - if it’s just a prologue I usually skip unless the premise is super intriguing).

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Thank you for your advices. I plan now writing a bit more till I feel a bit more confident and then release it. Your kind words helped me and I’m going to ignore the scene now and hopefully if I release the WIP I get useful feedback to fix it.

I would like to thank everybody separately but I don’t have much time due being on vacation