Hostile Hostel (2 Chapters, 22k Words)

Hi, everyone! Sarah Stuber here with another WIP that I plan on working on when I’m stuck on Nascent Narcissistic Necromancer. Hostile Hostel is a horror story with fantasy and romance elements.


When a necromancer sacrifices his own life to cast a dark, powerful spell over his village, the consequences are brutal. In mere weeks, Gedor has torn itself apart from the inside out, with thousands of its residents being pushed to violent acts of rage and hatred through the evil spell. Before long, hundreds have perished, and thousands choose to flee rather than be crushed by the grip of the curse’s home, Hostile Hostel.

As one of the few magicians in your region, you were asked to team up with a mercenary, an arcanist, a scholar, and a healer to go on a dangerous but lucrative mission to investigate and ultimately destroy the curse. You were foolish enough to accept.


  • Play as male, female, or non-binary; romance males, females, both, or no one at all.
  • Choose between three spells to use: divination; insect-crawl; or metal fists
  • 4 Romance Options: 2 male, 2 female (Ebert, Kiah, Knolton, and Jelis)
  • Projected word count of 200k

Q: Will a sadistic witch hunter have a vendetta against our MC for having magic?
A: No. This story is set in the same world as NNN, but hundreds of years later, where sorcery is still illegal, but there are other, benevolent ways of obtaining lesser magic. That’s not to say that SOMEONE won’t have a vendetta against the MC. :innocent:

Poll: Who are your favorite characters?

Word Count:
Chapter One: 11k
Chapter Two: 11k

Total: 22k


  • Violence
  • Sexual Content
  • Profanity

Demo Link:

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I am a simple man. I see Sarahstuber, I read and like. AlsoImperialFists


i just the desc and I love it

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I saw “insect-crawl” and immediately thought Spider-Man.

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heya, another great dark story you got here. kinda reminds me of your other one but without the narcissism or any irredeemable bastards like goro (though i get the feeling knolton might take on a few of his characteristics, even if he doesn’t go full psycho)

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Well this sounds really great, but in order to get the full effect let me read NNN first since it is based in the same world

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it seem interesting enough , I do like the base idea . But personally, I’m kinda turned off by the amount of ‘’ X character decrease affection while being an asshole and won’t own up to what they did :roll_eyes: ‘’ .

But that’s just me…

Anyway, Good luck with your story!


a small typo

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Very intriguing and I like the concept. I’ll keep and eye out for updates. I was reading this while walking and I literally stepped on some orange skin shortly after I finished. I’ll take this as a sign my MC and Jelis are fated to be together.
Holy shit this is the second redhead character you’ve written and I’ve fallen for :scream:

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I like what you’ve got so far, looks interesting but, the lack of choices in the WIP doesn’t favour it much. But, knowing how you develop your stories I’ll keep an eye on it. Pretty sure it’s going to be great. :laughing:

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I really like the environment and I think you’ve captured the tone of the horror/mystery aspect of the game. So far I haven’t really clicked with the companions(Kiah is the exception). Ebert & Knolton came across as both cocky, stuck-up jerks that I wouldn’t want to be around and the fact they thought they’d be easily forgiven for their asshole behavior just made me dislike them even more. I know this is only the first chapter and my feelings about them could definitely change. But that’s just how I feel right now about those two. Other than that I really enjoyed what you have.


Thanks, I’ll fix that. I doubt we’ll see the last of that particular typo. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

At least you didn’t break your elbow! And yeah, redheads are :eyes::fire:

Thanks! Yeah, I get that. The nature of Hostile Hostel brings out unpleasantness in everyone, so even Kiah shows a few instances of bad temper. The naturally pretentious Ebert would become even more pretentious, and the naturally aggressive and ill-tempered Knolton would become even more so.


I understand the effects of the hostile hostel on the companions but at this moment I feel like I wouldn’t want to be around Ebert or Knolton even if they weren’t being effected by a spell. Which makes me feel less inclined to save them for reasons outside of needing them to help find a cure for this spell. Also do we only know the one spell throughout the entire game or is that too much of a spoiler ?


Yeah, the MC has much more limited abilities than most people with magic, so it’s just the one minor ability.

I have a feeling the MC’s companion’s are going to make fun of the MC for being a one trick pony…


Thanks for your concern, but I’m not going to change the name of my interactive novel from Hostile Hostel because there’s some film called Hostel. :slight_smile:


Minor Update:

  • 2k words of new content
  • I split the demo into two smaller chapters
  • You can now save your demo

I hope you enjoy! If you point out typos, bugs, or give feedback or comments, I will love you forever. :kissing_heart:

There are still at least a couple spots where there’s too much text between choices. I plan on adding some more choices there, but that will be at a later time.


The second chapter gets stuck loading infinitely for me after the Next Chapter prompt. I tried a few times with all different choices and it happens no matter what.

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Same here for testing the second chapter, stuck on an infinite load. Tried exhausting all choice combinations too.

Thanks, that’s fixed now.